FICHO method

The magic ingredient in our work is

FICHO method

based on holistic approach and playful process

Ficho method is holistic, playful and transformative education framework,

an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered from over the 20 years through leading workshops, artistic projects, events, coaching, mentoring, retreats, journeys … in 23 different countries in the field of Dance and Contact improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Yoga, Martial arts, Therapy, Personal growth, Team building and Leadership.

Ficho method engages participants to discover their authentic self, advance personal and professional growth, enhance creativity, increase kinaesthetic and emotional intelligence and self awareness.

With Ficho method you will

    • grow your abilities to lead, teach and facilitate with ease and facilitate personal growth in your students, clients ...

    • advance personally and professionally with better knowledge of your body, mind and spirit

    • expand your leadership skills through embodiment process

    • experience magical moments of complete body awareness and connect to your deep potential

    • learn to improvise and express your creativity like never before by releasing internal blocks

    • increase your EQ level, be more mindful, balanced and self aware

    • step into the embodiment of your purpose

    • effortlessly create your thriving transformational practice and business

Ficho method provides

  • over 100 easy to apply tools, exercises and games from dance and contact Improvisation, dance therapy, body-mind-spirit practice ... that can be used in creation, retreats, team building, art therapy, leadership workshops, etc.

  • tools based on principles that are transferable to daily situations: relations, work, home.

  • universal 8 step process to shape, organise and lead your workshops, classes, sessions or retreats.

  • reverse–engineering approach for organic lesson planning.

  • circular approach to building up of a tribe up vs. traditional pyramidal structure.

  • step by step embodied process to overcome your self-doubt, structure your knowledge into a high-ticket online program, and generate clients consistently.

  • inclusive environment for any body type and age, regardless of dance background or experience.


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