Embody your purpose and effortlessly Create a thriving ONLINE transformational practice & business with proven strategy and embodiment tools!

Online program & coaching for Coaches, Facilitators and Teachers who want to scale their impact and income Online.

Reward yourself with freedom lifestyle

3 steps towards your next level:

    1. Eliminate self-doubt, insecurities, and fears. Embody your purpose.
    2. Step by step process to effortlessly turn your gifts and skills into thriving high-ticket ONLINE transformational Practice & Business
    3. Strategy and blueprint to continually enrol new clients and get paid what you're worth.

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During this 60-90 minute call, you will get a clear insight about what you can do to create an impact and steady income just by being You!

I would love to learn more about you and where you're currently at with your teaching, facilitating or coaching practice & business, and then let’s start mapping out a custom roadmap for where you want to take things which you’ll be ale to execute on immediately.

Then if it sounds like I can help, and we both feel that we are a good fit, I'll create a custom quote for you and at the end of the call we can decide if we want to work together or not.

Usually these calls take between 60- 90 minutes.

Looking forward talking to you!

Mastermind course includes:

  • 7-week online program with lifetime access
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom sessions as long as needed
  • Private Facebook group / lifetime access
  • 1 to 1 coaching options

It takes 2-4 weeks to get clear on your vision, values, and purpose, to create your unique Brand identity and program Prototype.

And it takes 2-6 months to Set up the system, automate & increase your revenue significantly.

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  • Gain control over self doubt, insecurities and fears
  • Get crystal clear on your vision, values, what do you want and don't want in your life and practice
  • Embodiment of your purpose
  • Activate your self expression with Confidence and open to your intuition
  • Reclaim your Time: Productivity and Time management formula
  • Establish daily embodiment ritual to realign your life internally and externally
  • Feel ready to fully step into leading your movement online and offline


  • Shifting perception from Dance or Yoga Teacher, Dance Therapist... to very specific Facilitator or expert Coach
  • Building a strong brand foundation so you distinguish your brand and position yourself as an influencer, so you can command higher fees than others in the industry
  • Getting clear on the Assets you want to lead with & facilitate transformation and how you uniquely create value in the market
  • Research & Pick the right Audience
  • Developing your Mission Statement & your Unique Approach
  • Understanding difference and choosing your model/s of delivery: Class, Workshop, Retreat, Zoom session, Online course, 1-1 coaching, Consulting, Online group coaching, Mastermind
  • Mapping your knowledge and experience into a high-ticket Online Program Prototype


  • Pre-sell First - build a program Later
  • Understanding the Conversion Pathway
  • Launching your online Campaign with organic Marketing strategy
  • Blueprint to convert a stranger on social media into a high-ticket paid client on a phone call
  • Installing all the different tools and technology to run your business smoothy with no tech knowledge needed
  • Automate much of what it takes to run a business, so you can run your operations with ease and focus on what you love
  • Start creating program content for your clients and facilitate, coach...
  • Scaling up and building a powerful team around you

Who should apply for the mastermind?

Who should apply for the mastermind?


If you're already an experienced dance teacher, yoga teacher, dance therapist, embodiment facilitator, transformational facilitator, ... or other expert facilitator and coach, and you're looking to scale, this mastermind can provide the missing pieces you need to create even more impact, influence, and income.

If you're feeling stuck, our program will help you transcend your limits and reach your highest potential by walking you through the step by step embodied process to overcome your self-doubt, structure your knowledge and skills into a high-ticket online program, and generate clients consistently.

From authentically utilising your expertise and skills into your unique high-ticket online program, brand identity, website and online portal for your courses, to implementing our formula to consistently enrol new clients. You will learn how to automate much of what it takes to run a business, so you can run your operations with ease and focus on what you love.

Take your business into the online sphere and grow your impact globally.


About your Coach

I’m Goran Bogdanovski, Transformational & Biz Coach, Holistic Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer ... and founder of Ficho Institute.

My life passion is helping dancers, dance & yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators, coaches, leaders... to step into the embodiment of their purpose, to fully creatively express and make all necessary transformations to achieve Flow & Abundance in their profession and business.

I have lived and breathed dance professionally since 1990, worked with 70 different choreographers in the field of performing arts. With my own dance company I choreographed performances and toured extensively around the world. As a director, manager, curator, producer... I ran dance studios, festivals, platforms and networks.

14 years ago I started teaching, coaching and mentoring. Methods I use are an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered through leading workshops, projects, events, retreats, journeys, … coaching, mentoring in 23 different countries in the field of Dance and Contact improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Yoga, Martial arts, Spirituality, Therapy, Personal growth, Team building, Creative entrepreneurship and Leadership.

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