Weekend retreat for couples

Increase playfulness and intimacy, regain deeper relations

  • 20-24 November 2019 / Slovenia
  • 27-29 December 2019 / Slovenia

Dance background not required. Private VIP retreat available upon request

When was the last time you really listened to each other with feeling? Has your relationship lost it’s spark? Would you like to take it to the next level?

During this weekend retreat you will be gently guided to increase playfulness and add sparks to your connection through subtle non-verbal communication and playful contact improvisation, discovering fun, spontaneity and excitement to breath new life into your relationship.

Shut down the world for a while – this is a moment for you and your partner

We seek out intimacy, because we are born strangers to ourselves. When we are born, we don’t know ourselves, we don’t know our habits, likes or dislikes. We need relationships to test our capacity to love, to endure, to care, to nurture and to understand better how we feel about human beings. We can’t figure out our inner motivations without having someone. So we need each other as a means to get to know our own inner nature.

Weekend retreat for couples
Increase playfulness and intimacy, regain deeper relations

We know you’ve been busy – it’s hard to juggle both your personal and professional life and excel at handling both. That’s why pampering yourself and your partner shouldn’t be the last thing on your to-do list – you have to find time to nurture your relationship to make it blossom!

In everyday hectic life, we usually ran out of energy to really dedicate to our partner in a holistic way that embraces body-mind & spirit. The longing for closeness and intimacy is a very human drive but it's amazing how life tends to sap our inspiration and energy for our most important relationships.

Engage with your partner in an entirely different way!

This retreat offers you time and space for activities and games that increase the capacity to feel the present and listen to your bodies.

We're going to use principles and exercises used in the practice of contact improvisation and movement therapy that can be done by any body type, regardless of background.

Weekend retreat for couples. Increase playfulness and intimacy, regain deeper relations
Weekend retreat for couples. Increase playfulness and intimacy, regain deeper relations

This retreat gives you the opportunity to:

  • deepen connection & sensation of yourself & partner on physical, mental and emotional level
  • find ways of creative expression and fluidity in your own body and in movement with your partner
  • relate with your partner in an open, fun and save space and learn to understand non-verbal communication
  • overcome expectations, fears, shyness...
  • balance and manage your energies
  • deepen the power of trust and surrender in a relationship
  • observe proximity and distance in a relationship
  • research new ways of nurturing tenderness and clarity in partnership
  • practice constant presence, mindfulness, curiosity and playfulness
  • remember how fun it is to laugh and to play with someone you love.
  • open your heart for compassion
  • get a different perspective on relationship through archetypal eyes and to dance through various stages in your relationship, from embodiment of archetypes of Lover, Companion, Eternal Child to Shape Shifter

Where does it take place?

Our retreat centre is located in beautiful Karst region of Slovenia in a small village surrounded by unspoiled nature near Škocjan Caves. We will spoil you with a group sound bath, delicious food and massage (at additional cost). We will make the experience as comfortable as possible for you and your partner. The nature around Zenja is breathtaking, which will give you the opportunity to spend some quality time together.



    • 5pm: Deeper relations workshop, part 1
    • 8pm: Dinner
    • 9pm: Sound bath.


    • breakfast
    • 10am: Mindful movement session leading to intimate dance exploration with your partner
    • lunch
    • free time for rest, nature walks, massage ...
    • 4pm: Deeper relations workshop, part 2
    • 8pm: Blind dinner with our chef who will prepare a special multi-course dinner just for you. During dinner you do not see the food you are eating or other guests. By removing the sense of sight, other senses of taste, smell and touch are enhanced, allowing for greater culinary enjoyment.
    • after dinner you will have a chance to invite your partner to a sensual blind dance.


    • breakfast
    • 10am: Deeper relations workshop, part 3
    • 1pm: lunch & conclusion
  • During the session you only work with your own partner.
  • Dance background not needed.
  • You can also request for VIP private retreat only for you and your partner. Contact us if we are available for your dates.

Price: 395 EUR per person

Price includes:

    • accommodation and 3 meals per day
    • 3 sessions of Deeper relations
    • mindful movement session leading to a free dance
    • sound bath
    • blind dinner followed by sensual blind dance

What's not included:

    • travel costs
    • additional massages

You can request VIP private retreat only for you and your partner. Contact us for more information and availability.

The Retreat for Couples is run by Goran and Sandra, dancers and life partners raising a family with three children ...

Goran Bogdanovski & Sandra Anais

Sandra Anais, Sandra Anais, dancer, Embodiment and Dance Improvisation facilitator and organizer of artistic events. Dancing for more than 22 years, performing, facilitating workshops, retreats, journeys... and experimenting with different techniques and styles. Her methods of teaching are fusion of different approaches, from modern to contemporary dance and from contact to theatre improvisation. In her dance education she includes also the knowledge of active meditation. For the last 6 years she is focusing on research and study of Archetypes in motion. She is a founder of Dance ecology - platform in which she is raising awareness of the need for transformation through movement & dance.

Goran Bogdanovski is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher working all over the world. He is a founder of Ficho Method, Dance Alchemy and Ficho Institute among others. His life passion is helping others to expand the knowledge about their bodies, mind, emotions and spirit through creative process of dance improvisation and mindful movement. During the last 20 years he was helping passionate people to overcome their limitations and achieve their dreams. He offers embodied knowledge for people that are physically active, grounded in their own spiritual practice and have a desire for personal and social transformation.