Workshops & events

You define a challenge and we will design a custom process or event for you.

We can create classes, trainings, workshops, research projects, laboratories, coaching and mentoring to meet your groups’ specific needs.

For the past 13 years we had the opportunity to pass the knowledge and our understanding of dance improvisation and alchemy with Ficho method in 22 different countries to various groups of people,

  • from art students to professional dancers, actors and choreographers
  • from dance teachers, therapist, professors, managers, entrepreneurs ... leaders
  • from meditation and yoga teachers, to non-professional movement lovers and people with disabilities
  • from dance festivals and theatres, dance companies, dance studios, academies, universities, high schools, primary schools to corporations

From Dance festivals and Theatres, Dance companies, Dance studios…

ImpulsTanz Vienna (austria), Ultima vez -Brussels (belgium), Tokyo Contact Impro Festival - Tokyo (japan), TanzWerkstat Europa - Munich (germany), K3 Tanzplan - Hamburg (germany), CCDC Cairo Contemporary Dance Center - (egypt), Dancentrum - Istanbul (turkey), ArchiTanz - Tokyo (japan), Mercat des Flores - Barcelona (spain), Dance Theatre Ljubljana (slovenia), Gdansk Dance Festival - Gdansk (poland), Station - Belgrade (serbia), Tanzelarija - Sarajevo (bosnia and hercegovina), Terpsihora - Šempeter pri Novi gorici (slo), Theatre Improvisation school ligue - ŠILA (slovenia), Dance meeting Durres (albania), Silesian Dance Festival -Bytom (poland), Green Street Studios - Boston (usa), No borders project - Tenerife (spain) & Bali (Indonesia), Fičo Dance Journey (slovenia, croatia, indonesia), nunART - Barcelona (spain), Movement kitchen - Ho Chi Minh (vietnam), Paradiso Ubud - Bali (indonesia), Buen Festival - Borneo (indonesia), Art Factory - Lodz (poland) …

Goran Bogdanovski workshops

Academies, Universities, High schools, Primary schools …

Faculty of Education at University of Ljubljana, SEAD - Salzurg Academy of Experimental Dance (austria), Gurdjieff Institute Tbilisi (georgia), Asian Conference on Interdisciplinary Research - Bali (indonesia), Art Research Institute / Ilia State University -Tbilsi (georgia), Ochanomizu University - Tokyo (japan), Dance Academy Conference - Odessa (ukraine), Cambridge latin school - Boston (usa), High school for contemporary dance - Ljubljana (slovenia), Ramsauer gymnasium - Linz (austria), Hamerlingschule - Linz (austria), High school Šolski center Nova Gorica (slovenia), High school Srednja vzgojiteljska šola - Jesenice (slovenia), High school Srednja vzgojiteljska šola - Ljubljana (slovenia), High school Druga gimnazija Maribor (slovenia), Primary school Sevnica (slovenia), Primary school Kostanjevica na Krki (slovenia), Youth centre’s in Ljubljana, Maribor & Trbovlje Poljane (slo), Primary school Malaka - Lombok (indonesia), Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities - JSKD …

Goran Bogdanovski workshops

to Corporations …

Slovenian Football Association, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning Slovenia, Centre for treatment of drug addicts, Kaerntner Industrie Villach, Steirische Wirtshaftsfoerderung Graz, Ericsson, Our Space, Lek d.d., Avon Slovenia, Imelda Ogilvy, Svilanit Svila d.o.o., Football club Domžale , Vibacom d.o.o., TNT events, Ti povej!, CEED Slovenia Unicef …

Goran Bogdanovski Sun City
Goran Bogdanovski 2:0 footballet

Partial list of some topics of workshops, classes, trainings, research projects, laboratories, coaching ... Further information is available upon request.

Teaching methods we use are synthesis of dance techniques and tools, that we have intensively experimenting with and developed throughout the last 25 years. Ranging from classical ballet to martial arts, from modern to contemporary dance, from Tai Chi and Qi Gong to Kundalini and Dynamic meditation, from contact to theatre improvisation and from artistic experience we have from our own productions and collaborations in performing arts.

  • Breathing as carrier of the awareness & Improvisation
  • Energy activation and working within the flow of the energy
  • Opening of the senses
  • Dancing Present
  • Dancing the impossibilities
  • Universal movement qualities for improvisation
  • Movement perception improvisation tools
  • Animal Qualities as starting point of Dance
  • Using own habits for Creation
  • Movement & Active imagination Composition
  • Totality of Actions
  • Performing now
  • Instant composition and inner chemistry
  • Choreographic challenge
  • Dancing sound & music
  • Duet Improvisation Tools
  • Reaction Time in duets and Expectations of the mind
  • Obstacles as a quality playground
  • Opposites and dancing the Edge
  • Contact Improvisation Tools
  • Various Group improvisation Tools
  • Network without a leader & Systems within network
  • Acting tools of Micheal Checkov for dancers
  • Osho dynamic & kundalini meditation


You define a challenge and we will design a custom process or event for you.