Our main programs

Dance Alchemy

Discover how conscious individuals are using our system to re-connect with their bodies, increase energy level, enhance kinaesthetic and emotional intelligence by inviting embodiment, dance and joy into their life.

  • Online program & Coaching

Program is intended for all conscious adults, regardless of dance background and experience.

Dance Alchemy Teacher Training

Discover our proprietary dance alchemy tools to inspire, structure, and lead your facilitations with confidence to create powerful embodied and transformational results.

  • Online program & Coaching

  • Retreat / 9-25 July 2021

Program is intended for dancers, dance & yoga teachers, therapists, psychologists, embodiment & transformational facilitators, coaches and leaders.


Discover how to eliminate self-doubt, step into the embodiment of your purpose, and effortlessly turn your gifts and experience into a thriving transformational Online business.

  • Online program & Coaching / business accelerator

Program is intended for teachers, facilitators, therapists, healers and coaches.