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inspire, educate, transform

FICHO Institute is an educational, personal and professional development playground

We help people to discover their full creative potential through holistic methods, either for personal and social life or to enhance teaching and leading skills in professional applications.

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Our mission

to make a positive impact on society by providing dancers, teachers, facilitators, leaders ... and people that are physically active with the embodied knowledge and tools for personal, professional and social transformation.

With our unique FICHO method, based on a holistic approach and playful processes you will be able to:

Grow your abilities to lead, teach and facilitate

Advance personally and professionally

Learn to improvise and express your creativity like never before

Increase your EQ, be more mindful and balanced

Experience magical moments of complete body awareness

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Dance alchemy teacher training

Intensive course for dance and yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators and leaders.

13 - 30 July 2020 / Slovenia

6 - 22 February, 2021 / Bali

  • Upgrade your skills, increase EQ, advance personally and professionally
  • Grow your abilities to lead, teach and facilitate with ease
  • Holistic approach and playful interactive process
  • Inclusive environment
  • Ficho institute "Dance Alchemy Teacher" certificate

Learn to use tools to apply into your own practice from dance and contact Improvisation, dance therapy and body mind spirit practice that are designed for any body type and age and dance background or experience... tools that can be used in creation, retreats, art therapy, leadership or for personal growth.

Intensive training is supported by an Online teachers course providing all the knowledge and tools you will need.

Online teachers courses

Comprehensive online course for dancers, dance or yoga teachers, dance therapists, facilitators and leaders

> Group coaching - 4 month online program

> Self study online program

> or selection of shorter courses

  • 70+ set of easy too apply tools
  • Simple 8 step structure to shape, organise and lead your workshops, classes, sessions, retreats...
  • Coaching support
  • Community membership
  • 12 live online group support sessions
  • Certificate of completion of the course

Video tutorials and tools from dance and contact improvisation, dance therapy and body-mind-spirit practice based on holistic approach and playful process that are designed for any body type and age and dance background or experience... tools that can be used in creation, retreats, art therapy and leadership.

Work at your own pace enjoying comfort of your home and apply knowledge into your own practice and daily life.

Embodied Leadership

retreat for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs

  • Gain embodied skills to be effective under pressure, lead in the midst of instability, ambiguity and complexity
  • Boost your emotional intelligence (EQ) and self awareness
  • Understand and recognise your own reactive stress patterns
  • Shift into a more balance state under stress or pressure
  • Radiate inspiration in challenging surrounding
  • Recover your centre while dealing with resistance and opposition
embodied leadership, 5 days retreat for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs

Are you responsible for growth and development in your company? Do you manage, encourage and motivate your team for driving results and meeting challenges?

This retreat is designed for leaders who wish to access a deeper dimension to their leadership. It will make you more aware of your internal source of energy, show you ways to manage it, energize yourself and motivate others. The training will also give you a powerful set of practical tools to apply in your daily life and the life of a leader.

Other programs, retreats and workshops:


Customisable, one-on-one coaching with Goran Bogdanovski to meet your specific needs and goals through either a series of scheduled Skype or live sessions, or a combination, until your needs and goals are fulfilled.

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Ficho trainings

Unique and inclusive weekly practice in Ljubljana since 2006 where our FICHO method is being developed. Training of the body, mind and spirit through dance improvisation and creativity.

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Workshops & events

You define a challenge and we will design a custom process or event for you. We are available in the form of classes, trainings, workshops, research projects, laboratories, coaching, mentoring and events.

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Online sessions & Retreats for couples

Increase playfulness and intimacy, regain deeper relations. When was the last time you really listened to each other with feeling? Would you like to take it to the next level?

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Participant testimonials

If you are searching for clarity and inspiration, looking to be reinvigorated as a dance teacher and retreat into a space where you can connect with yourself, your potential, and your path... sign up for Goran’s training.

Michelle Campbell

dancer, teacher and movement therapist / USA-DE

I’ve got new professional tools for upgrading my existing practice and received knowledge for better self awareness and higher emotional intelligence. Thanks to Goran for the magic journey! Anyone who deals with people should learn from Ficho.

Saša Starovojtov

aikido teacher 5th Dan and entrepreneur / Slovenia

Ficho program gave me tools that can be used in a number of different professions as well as in personal and social relations. I feel clearer in my life direction and my perspective has expanded in terms of possibilities for my future.

Bridget McLemore

dancer and yoga teacher / USA

I lost touch with my body before coming to the course. Now i feel it again! I connected deeper with my body, myself, my potential and my path than I was ever before. I’ve got foundations to start a new practice.

Napat Zuber - Machima

Yoga and meditation teacher / Thailand

Dance Alchemy is a journey into your soul and also with other souls. Goran can really hold the space and direct the energy so that the group can create easily and effective. Not all the facilitators have this ability.

Gamze Leela

yoga teacher, spiritual healer, retreat leader / UK

Teacher training exceeded my expectations. Ficho exercises allowed me to understand improvisation better, so I can now easily teach better. Thank you Goran for awakening my lost inner child!

Barbara Guipponi

dance teacher & dancer / Italy

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