FICHO Institute

inspire, educate, transform, thrive

FICHO Institute is a dynamic hub for educational, personal, and professional growth. 

We empower conscious individuals, facilitators, and change leaders to unleash their innate body wisdom, step into the embodiment of their purpose, fully authentically express, and make all necessary transformations to cultivate Flow & Freedom in their personal lives and professional endeavors.

Transforming Souls Through Dance

Our mission is to positively impact society by providing embodied knowledge, tools, and strategies for personal, professional, and social transformation based on contemporary methodologies and ancient wisdom.

With our unique FICHO method, based on a holistic approach, playful processes, and inclusive environment you will be able to:

Re-connect with your body to experience complete awareness and plug into your deep potential 

Raise your energy levels with core activation and breathing techniques for 15 min. daily to flow through life & work with ease

Learn to improvise and express your authenticity like never before

Increase your emotional & kinesthetic intelligence to be more mindful, balanced and self aware

Grow your abilities to lead, teach and facilitate with confidence  

Create more powerful embodied and transformational results

Unleash your body wisdom to develop a conscious, creative, intuitive, joyful, and confident self 

Engage full body capacity to be effective under pressure and lead with clarity and inner peace

Turn your gifts and experience into a thriving business offline & online

And much more...

Work with us

DANCE ALCHEMY TEACHER TRAINING facilitator certification program

Discover our proprietary Dance Alchemy Tools to Inspire, Structure, Shape, and Lead your Facilitations with Confidence to Create more Powerful Embodied and Transformational Results. 

Turn your Gifts and Experience into a Thriving Practice and Business 

*For those who are committed to contributing their unique gifts that only you have in service to the world


facilitator certification program

The next Dance Alchemy Retreat & Teacher Training has been scheduled.

The application window will remain open until all available spots have been taken. Limited places are available, reserve your place and Apply today.


Personalized support and coaching/mentoring with Goran Bogdanovski to meet your specific needs and goals.

To ensure a high level of success, we only take on 1 client at a time. If you are interested and being considered, please APPLY for a connection call with Goran.

If we both feel that we are a good fit, we'll create a custom price for you.

Join ongoing live events

Ficho training, a training of the body, mind and spirit through dance improvisation and creativity.

FICHO TRAINING / weekly ongoing practice


Dance Alchemy Retreat & Teacher Training - Slovenia

next: 6 - 18 August 2024


Dance Alchemy & Brunch


@ Cameron Gray