FICHO Institute

inspire, educate, transform, thrive

FICHO Institute is an educational, personal, and professional development playground

We support conscious individuals, facilitators, executives, and change leaders to unleash their body wisdom, step into the embodiment of their purpose, fully authentically express and make all necessary transformations to create Flow & Freedom in their lives and work.

Our mission

To positively impact society by providing embodied knowledge, tools, and strategies for personal, professional, and social transformation based on contemporary methodologies and ancient wisdom.

With our unique FICHO method, based on a holistic approach, playful processes, and inclusive environment you will be able to:

Re-connect with your body to experience complete awareness and plug into your deep potential 

Raise your energy levels with core activation and breathing techniques for 15 min. daily to flow through life & work with ease

Learn to improvise and express your authenticity like never before

Increase your emotional & kinesthetic intelligence to be more mindful, balanced and self aware

Grow your abilities to lead, teach and facilitate with confidence  

Create more powerful embodied and transformational results

Unleash your body wisdom to develop a conscious, creative, intuitive, joyful, and confident self 

Engage full body capacity to be effective under pressure and lead with clarity and inner peace

Turn your gifts and experience into a thriving business offline & online

And much more...

Work with us

Dance Alchemy Teacher Training / facilitator certification program

Discover our proprietary Dance Alchemy tools to Inspire, Structure, Shape, and Lead your facilitations with Confidence to create more powerful embodied and transformational results. 

Turn your gifts and experience into a thriving practice and business offline & online

* for those who are committed to contributing their unique gifts that only you have in service to the world

Radiant Intimacy 

Discover how to reignite your initial love flame while juggling family life to how to Rediscover the joy of togetherness & emotional intimacy

It's time for you to claim back your time for just the two of you

*for couples with kids who are struggling to balance their roles as parents while maintaining their relationship or having a feeling of boredom or routine

Ongoing live events

Ficho training, a training of the body, mind and spirit through dance improvisation and creativity.

FICHO TRAINING / weekly practice

Since 2006 supporting our tribe with weekly practice. Training of the body, mind, and spirit through dance improvisation & creation, based on contemporary methodologies and ancient wisdom.

Express your authenticity, advance personal and professional growth, increase kinesthetic and emotional intelligence, creativity, performance, confidence, and self-awareness. Any-Body can do it!

DANCE ALCHEMY weekend workshops

Intensive weekend workshops where you get to know and embody through dance a large set of Dance Alchemy tools, learn the mechanics of exercises and games that are used in practice, and acquire new teaching and leadership skills that are in line with emotional intelligence and a holistic approach.

14-DAY RETREATS / Dance Alchemy Teacher Training

In-depth work with Goran Bogdanovski on embodying Dance Alchemy tools, gain structure and confidence to facilitate dance in a holistic, playful, and inclusive environment, and turn your gifts and experiences into a thriving business.

* limited places available

Dance Alchemy & Brunch

Dance Alchemy & Brunch

Transformative community events, ecstatic dance with pre-workshop and brunch:) 

What we experience on the dance floor is what we are becoming as a people. It is why it is so powerful. The connection, love, and unity we feel when we surrender to the dance, is a way for us to awaken to who we truly are.

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