I’m Goran Bogdanovski, Transformational & Biz Coach, Holistic Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer ... and founder of Ficho Institute.

My life passion is helping dancers, dance & yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators, coaches, leaders... to step into the embodiment of their purpose, to fully creatively express and create all necessary transformations to achieve Flow & Abundance in their profession and lives.

My main media is Dance. I have lived and breathed dance professionally since 1990, danced for more than seventy different choreographers and directors in the field of performing arts. With my own dance company I choreographed performances and toured extensively around the world. As a director, manager, curator, producer... I ran dance studios, festivals, platforms and networks.

For the past 20 years I was helping passionate people to overcome their limitations and fears to achieve their dreams. I offer embodied knowledge and tools for people that are physically active and have a desire for personal, professional and social transformation.

Methods I use are an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered through leading workshops, artistic projects, events, coaching, mentoring, retreats, journeys … in 23 different countries in the field of Dance and Contact improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Yoga, Martial arts, Spirituality, Therapy, Personal growth, Team building and Leadership.

Goran Bogdanovski

Ficho method engages participants to discover their authentic self, advance personal and professional growth, enhance creativity, increase kinaesthetic and emotional intelligence and self awareness.

What is FICHO?

Fičo (Zastava 750) is the nickname for the iconic car from 70s in ex-Yugoslavia, the car that radically transformed the way people commuted and travel.

Even though it wasn't so stylish and elegant as it's European counterparts, driving it was pure magic. It was easy to master, fun to ride and it delivered way more than anyone could ever imagine.

And those are the qualities FICHO institute offers to you.


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