If you are searching for clarity and inspiration, looking to be reinvigorated as a dance teacher and retreat into a space where you can connect with yourself, your potential, and your path... sign up for Goran’s training.

Michelle Campbell

dancer, teacher and movement therapist / USA-DE

Amazing journey, from ice to love soul transformation! And I’ve got new professional tools for upgrading my existing practice and received knowledge for better self awareness and higher emotional intelligence. Anyone who deals with people should experience it.

Saša Starovojtov

aikido teacher 5th Dan and entrepreneur / Slovenia

Ficho program gave me tools that can be used in a number of different professions as well as in personal and social relations. I feel clearer in my life direction and my perspective has expanded in terms of possibilities for my future.

Bridget McLemore

dancer and yoga teacher / USA

I lost touch with my body before coming to the course. Now i feel it again! I connected deeper with my body, myself, my potential and my path than I was ever before. I’ve got foundations to start a new practice.

Napat Zuber - Machima

Yoga and meditation teacher / Thailand

Dance Alchemy is a journey into your soul and also with other souls. Goran can really hold the space and direct the energy so that the group can create easily and effective. Not all the facilitators have this ability.

Gamze Leela

yoga teacher, spiritual healer, retreat leader / UK

Teacher training exceeded my expectations. Ficho exercises allowed me to understand improvisation better, so I can now easily to teach better. Thank you Goran for awakening my lost inner child!

Barbara Guipponi

dance teacher & dancer / Italy

After finishing the Dance Alchemy Teacher Training, I’m now able to independently pursue my path as a dance teacher and provide a very expansive, unique and authentic practice for my students & clients. I enhanced my creativity and I’m able to navigate the group dynamics through different phases and processes.

Goran has a very specific approach as a guide: he’s a hypersensitive, patient, playful and accessible teacher, willing to guide you in whatever direction you propose. He will make you jump into unknown rivers and safely guide you through rough currents.

Sandra Anais

dancer & Embodiment of Archetypes facilitator / Slovenia

Goran created a safe space in which I could dig deep down and explore why I am dancing, where it all comes from and what I want to give to the people in my class. Thinking about all of that gave me more clarity and confidence to step out of my comfort zone.

Simple 8 step process gave me a practical framework to establish a structure and express my creativity at the same time. During my first class people were inspired by teaching and the passion I put into it. I’m grateful to Goran for helping me give life to something I had yearned to do for a long time, but had a feeling I wasn’t good enough to do it.

Muriel Juillard

dance teacher / Bali

“The most important benefit of Online course was of getting something I can refer to, also to see live examples and so many modalities to use. I got an excellent base point to build upon, exactly what I was looking for.

It gave me the confidence to teach now, which I was previously lacking.

It’s truly transformational to see, how people use their bodies and how they are with others. And the way I move my body changed, the way I move through space changed, and my work did change because I will teach this!!

Also, the breath-work was another incredible thing for me, as after it I had SO much energy for two whole days!

An online Dance Alchemy Teacher Course will provide you the clarity, base, ideas, structure, and teaching tools for you to expand and create your own unique teaching practice.

I am about to take the next leap, wouldn't have been possible so soon without this! “

Arushi Malaker

dance & yoga teacher / India

“ I've just completed your online teacher program and THANK YOU so much, it was everything I looked for and even more. It was a real journey and I will make it continue. I really really really enjoyed it!

I am a dance teacher but I never liked contests or judgment or dancing this way or that way for tv shows. I love dancing according to my feelings and I really wanted to open classes in which I could dance this way: to listen to my body and to have the tools to teach my students in a holistic and playful way.

After this experience, I definitely do not want to teach dance as I used to, even if I have to start on my own.

Online course Dance Alchemy Teacher Training is transforming, it opens our mind, it gives pleasure and freedom.

Thanks a lot, Goran for your tools, your experience, and your knowledge. It was great and rich to learn from you!

P.S ...One funny thing, during the lock-down, I asked my husband to train tools for duets and contact improvisation with me:) It was quite something! Difficult at the beginning and then, awesome! ”

Amandine Mons

dance & yoga teacher / France

Uniqueness of this program is coaching on a personal level, making one recognize the potential of dance practice outside of dance field.

Alexey Dmitrenko

dancer, teacher & choreographer / Russia

Interesting experience to learn more about interaction of breathing and movement, energy connections and empathic listening.

Federica Cecchet

civil engineer and an architect / Italy

It was a soul healing, creative and magical experience that I never could have imagined when asked Goran to work with me.

Alenka Kac


This body-dance experience helped me understand myself better, for example as a manager or someone who works with people. I had a lot of insights into myself. What touched me the most was how certain habits push me into one path, where I have much less options. That in truth I can move, achieve things, do things, solve things in an insanely huge number of ways.

Also now I better recognise where my energy is in my body when I give directions and I am more clear and determined when I want something.

Svetlana Šaljič

manager at SETCCE / Slovenia

If you would like to get to know yourself better and learn how can you use this what you have and what you are good at in your life, than you should come here, because you have masters who can really support you on your way, personal, professional or what ever way. This is something where you can get the support.

Žiga Lukman

social educator / Slovenia

I feel satisfaction from the work we have done. The pleasure that comes from being on stage and contact with the audience which is enjoying, was a goal for me that we achieved thanks to you.

Katarzyna Gorczyca

dancer & choreographer / Poland

I came for the techniques and some wisdom. And apart of full of that, I also got my Soul :) or Home. Dance Alchemy is a perfect mix of exercises, that are enhancing body awareness, emotional intelligence and opening the dialogue between body - mind - emotions and soul, creating the primary space to just Be. I’ve also got new tools and methods for working with my team at current job and I feel clearer in my life direction and new possibilities to start new “profession.

Katja Beck Kos

cultural manager / Slovenia

I’ve got many practical tools for calming the mind. More freedom to my movement was expected but the scale of its effect was not. It was big. Courage and Love. More space in consciousness. Tool to make space in spine. The use and power of active imagination. Basic knowledge of archetypal approach. Importance of the archetypes in marketing...

One funny thing I noticed in my morning pranayama practice is that the breathing volume had jumped during the time in Slovenia. The length of inhale from 6 -> 8 sec. grew easily to 10 -> 12 sec. without an effort.

Samuli Räsänen

scientist & movement enthusiast / Finland

You are unique Goran with your energy, knowledge and connecting the group. You are passing on the mighty knowledge you have in a way that anyone can understand. And this is an art that only a few can do.

Never before have I felt such a sense of fusion at dance or on horseback as I feel now. I also got a better insight into how to upgrade my ranch by introducing a dance into it, a dance that every soul will be able to dance.

Lucija Poličnik

horse riding teacher & urban planner / Slovenia

As a dance instructor and movement therapist, I often find it challenging to find a healthy balance between blending the two practices while respecting them as their own thing. For a few years now, I felt that I was losing my creative edge and focus. A few times I thought I would have to give up one practice and solely focus on the other. This led to a sense of being torn, stuck, and unsatisfied with my work. A recent move and health issue forced me to stop, take some time off, and rethink my professional path. I wanted to find a way to bring both practices together which would be satisfying as a teacher and facilitator. I needed a clear direction; I found Goran’s training and signed-up.

When I arrived to the Dance Alchemy Intensive, I felt as if I had been walking into a brick wall for months. However, I walked away from the intensive with a new sense of purpose, focus, and satisfaction. I could dream again.

I now have a clear plan and action steps, thanks to Goran’s coaching, the input from the community of participants, and the additional times given to us for personal reflection.

Goran’s leadership style invites participants to look deeply into their intentions, values, and desires. He holds space for everyone naturally, making it look effortless. Goran leads not with his ego, but with his heart, and also from a place of vulnerability. He would catch up with us in the free times and inspire us to be accountable to the personal tasks we had set for ourselves. I felt known by the leader, which is more than I’ve ever experienced in past workshop intensives. Goran was always himself; a mature and experienced leader. I highly recommend his trainings.

Michelle Campbell

dancer, teacher & movement therapist / USA-DE

Goran, I just report quickly that you “saved” my life yesterday :)

I was on a 10 km long walk through the deep and very soft (!) sea mud and water in the north of the Netherlands, crossing the seafloor to the island of Ameland. At first, I thought that I would be stuck in that mud, and caught by a tide that can come very quickly and forcefully. I was on the tail of the column running out of power, and I was falling behind more and more. Then I remembered your instructions and focused on breathing, forgotten myself and my fears, stopped thinking about how much time and the path was before me, and if would not be better to turn around ... Suddenly everything got easier, I dropped into some real technique and pace and advanced relatively quickly to the front of the column. Then I smashed water, mud, algae, jellyfish and crushed shells next to the guide to the end of the journey:)

So, if you still need confirmation that you really give us a lot of things in our trainings and that we can apply it in different practical situations, this is one of those ... Thank you!

Have a nice day and good greetings from Amsterdam,

Tanja Kersevan Smokvina

Communication policies consultant, ex State Secretary responsible for media and creative sector

Saša Starovojtov

aikido teacher and entrepreneur / Slovenia

Paul Vratusha

Atelier ltd. CEO

Bridget McLemore

dancer and yoga teacher / USA

Napat Zuber - Machima

yoga and meditation teacher / Thailand

Barbara Guipponi

dance teacher & dancer / Italy

Alexey Dmitrenko

dancer, teacher & choreographer / Russia

Katja Beck Kos

cultural manager / Slovenia

Žiga Lukman

social educator / Slovenia

Gamze Leela

yoga teacher, spiritual healer, retreat leader / UK

Federica Cecchet

civil engineer and an architect / Italy

Svetlana Šaljič

manager at SETCCE / Slovenia

Lucija Poličnik

horse riding teacher & urban planner / Slovenia

Critique reviews of dance productions:

Triton Award 2000 for best best dance performance in Slovenia.

From Nijinsky 's «Jeux» to Bogdanovski's «1:0» : a sport ballet history.

Ballet Tanz yearbook 2000: Arnd Wesemann

"The high voltage magic!"

Stéphanie Brody, La Presse Montreal, December 7th, 2004

"Bogdanovski makes you scream out loud from anger, cry from joy and blush from love. All at the same time. Delicious!"

Pisteffo, host of the Antwerp based radioshow "Klokkespijs"

“This performance breaks all the rules of the classical ballet, especially when in the middle of the performance the ballet shoes are exchanged for football boots. You won't believe it until you see it.”

Jutranji list (daily), Neda Galijaš, Zagreb, January 2000

“The one-hour dance performance is one of the most humorous dance performances on our national scene so far."

Delo, Mojca Kumerdej, Ljubljana (daily), January 2000

“Yesterday night in Cankarjev Dom, the Goran Bogdanovski quartet broke through the cultural sound barrier… Superimposing the most noble dance tradition and indicating a refined perception of existence, he created a multi-visual show, accompanied by spontaneous ovation.”

Radio Slovenija, Ljubljana, June 2001, Jasna Skrinjar Taufer

"Graceful, balletic moves are juxtaposed with raw, industrial music to comic but also strangely tribal effect. The trance-inducing noise blasts your senses alongside apoplectic seizures that stick in a loop, finally sucking you back into reality with a sharp slap."

On line review, Aerowaves - The Place Theatre London, February 2002, Rachel Tonkin

“Bogdanovski and his associates have mad a giant leap forward: they have created an audience for themselves. Considering the numbers and enthusiasm of the Wednesday premiere's audience, I can even go as far as to say that he has widened the commonly rather narrow circle of contemporary dance viewers.”

Tamara Langus - Radio Student, February 7th 2003

"Performance of enormous variety, imagination and irreverence.”

Tom Lee - Aerowawes on line - London, Sat 29 January 5th, 2005

Performance is a movement spectacle of fluid energy, of falls and rises, equilibrium challenges and flowing emotions; it is both utopia and reality, an illustrated story of individual revelations within a collective body … ”

Večer (daily), Daliborka Podboj, February 2nd 2007

“It is the dancers that offer the most. One can hear the words without being spoken and one can feel the touch without being touched. This is their gift, for the emotions linger even after their final bow.”

Tina Kristan, student of FDV

"The "Ficho Ballet" from Slovenia was represented by the universal genius Goran Bogdanovski"

Maja Krilova, ИЮНЯ, Moscow, 6 June 2008

"Bogdanovski does not strengthen cultural stereotypes but, rather, shatters them "

Mojca Kumerdej, Delo (daily), Ljubljana, 22 May 2008

"The show itself is fantastic, a highly complex composite and nevertheless carries a clear message: That we can do everything what we started together, if we put enough (all) of our energy into the group, in our mutual relations, mutual feelings, respect, love. "

P. C.

"There are many direction. Only one is common - here and now ... and with this performance the show has reached this moment.The beauty of bodies in motion, it pours ..."

J. B

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