Dance development

NOMAD Dance Academy

NOMAD Dance Academy is a platform for collaboration in contemporary dance, self-refreshing organizational model, tool for promotion of contemporary dance, intense programme for education and creation.

NOMAD Dance Academy is education, research, production and promotion programme of Balkan Dance Network that gathers all available potentials and resources in contemporary dance on local and regional level with the aim to contribute to improvement and professionalization of contemporary dance in the Balkans.

Center sodobno plesnih umetnosti Slovenija

Contemporary Dance Network Slovenia 2010-2012

Contemporary dance network Slovenia was officially established in 2010 with the aim to connect organizations that develop and produce contemporary dance art, to aims for the improvement of the conditions of contemporary dance artists and to raise awareness of contemporary dance in Slovenia and abroad.

Contemporary dance network Slovenia was a project, supported by the Ministry of Public Administration Slovenia and from ESS - the European Social Funds. It is a two-year effort aimed at increasing the quality of production and sophistication of experts in the field of contemporary dance. Increasing the post-production and the establishing of touring network in Slovenia, which would allow the distribution of performances outside the capital city.

The main focus was on establishing the first public institution for contemporary dance in Slovenia - Centre of contemporary dance arts Slovenia. With a common effort of the whole slovenian contemporary dance scene.

Government of the Republic of Slovenia established Centre of contemporary dance arts as public institution on 7.7.2011. Due to the rapid change of government and political foolishness on behalf of the recession, the Centre of contemporary dance art became collateral damage and was on 23. 8. 2012 without dialog and reason unfortunately discontinued.

TRYANGLE peforming arts research laboratories - 2013

  • Montemor-o-novo (p), Dusseldorf (de), Marseille (f

TRYANGLE – Performing Arts Research Laboratories, is a high end project for artistic research, aimed to sustained growth of the artists involved. It’s an international cross-disciplinary project, focused on the research and set-up of new collaborative practices among emerging and established European artists. Its aimed to reflect and reinvent the very idea of “art making” in our times, fostering new forms of collaboration, due to the unusual set-up in which it develops. It’s a hands-on project, where artists learn by doing, devising new strategies as they go along the creative tryouts.

Artists involved: Phlipe Murcia, Thomas Fourneu, Claudia Galhos, Jorge Andrade, Tzeni Argyriou, Raphaelle Blancherie, Dani Brown, Michel Cerda, Yanniv Cohen, Paula Diogo, Claudia Gaiola, Heike Sperling, Janez Janša, Helena Waldman, Jean Jacques Sanchez, Irina Raskin, Jay Rope, Augusto M. Seabra, Ludo Abicht, Joao Garcia Miguel, Odile Darbeley, Ema Dei, Jorgen Knudsen, Kostas Koutsollos, Marcia Lanca, Marko Milič, Willy Prager, Dejan Srhoj, Jasmina Založnik, Miguel Pereira, Emi Venna, Philippe Vincent, Raman Zaya, Shang Chi Sun, Rui Catalao, Leandro Kees, Miguel Borges, Ana Nowicka, Jorg Ritzenfoff ...