Dance Alchemy Weekend Workshops

For the ones who would love to get in-depth & in-person experience

or get certified as a Dance Alchemy Teacher

Based on a holistic approach, a playful process, and an inclusive environment Every-body finds it's own way!

Each workshop begins with one hour of Ficho training, a synthesis of games and exercises designed to raise your body energy and mindfulness, breathing exercises and qi activation, dynamic warm-up, and yoga meditation to prepare for a holistic work with body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Followed by work on Dance Alchemy tools - understanding, research, embodiment, and integration.

The workshop series is for Dance Alchemy teacher trainees to learn the mechanics of the tools, exercises, and games used in Dance Alchemy practice and to gain new embodied teaching & leadership skills, set with higher emotional intelligence to grow confidence to effortlessly lead, teach and facilitate.

The weekend workshops are also intended for all dance lovers, regardless of prior knowledge and background, who wish to:

  • progress personally and professionally by better knowing your body, mind, and spirit

  • expand the possibilities of your own movement and expression with various tools for improvisation that are transferable to your work and relationships

  • raise your own energy levels from burnout in your business

  • increase self-confidence in public speaking, which is in line with body non-verbal communication

  • to experience magical moments of complete body awareness and to connect with your deep potential

  • increase the level of emotional and kinesthetic intelligence, attention, and balance

  • explore outside your comfort zone in a safe, fun, and intelligent environment

15-16 October 2022 / Ljubljana - Slovenia

Workshop 1 / Dance Alchemy Embodiment

Expresses yourself freely through movement and dance / Solo dance improvisation tools

19-20 November 2022 / Ljubljana - Slovenia

Workshop 2 / Dance Alchemy Embodiment

Creation in relations / Duets dance improvisation tools

17-18 December 2022 / Ljubljana - Slovenia

Workshop 3 / Dance Alchemy Embodiment

Clear communication in in-depth relations / Contact improvisation tools

18-19 February 2023 / Ljubljana - Slovenia

Workshop 4 / Your Facilitation - Certification

You lead your workshop or a session or a class


single weekend workshop: 200 EUR

set of 4-weekend workshops 700 EUR

Individual weekend attendance is possible.

To get certified you need to complete all 4 workshops or a 14-day retreat and be part of Dance Alchemy Teacher Training - Online program.

You'll receive a Ficho Institute "Dance Alchemy Teacher" certificate upon successfully completing Workshop 4.

More dates for Ljubljana and Bali will follow in 2023.

Please check this website later on or send an e-mail.

15-16 October 2022

  • Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

Expresses yourself freely through movement and dance / Solo dance improvisation tools

  • Understand and dance with 3 universal movement qualities (3Q) Spiral – Architectural / Traveling – On the Spot / Stable – Off Balance

  • Learn and train 9 specific opposite-movement qualities to Increase your level of kinaesthetic intelligence: impulse-impact, fast-slow, isolation-whole body, finished-unfinished, diagonal-same side…

  • Trace: Training of movement perception / Shift your perception from movement to a trace that movement is creating, and bring quality and awareness into your dance & life. Everything that we do, what we say, all our actions ... are leaving a trace behind. What are you leaving behind?

  • Surprise breathe / Break the breathing pattern and surprise yourselves with unlimited possibilities while directly connecting your breathing to movements and actions. This tool will enhance the quality, volume, and power of your movements, expression, actions, and speed. It also shows how you can use your breathing and voice in improvisation and performing.

  • Sourcing vs. Performing / How can we connect to our source, anywhere inside of us (on a physical, emotional, or mental level), and physically express it with dance? How can we understand this source and perform it or show it to others?

  • Habits / Recognize and use your own habits for the development and creation

  • ...

19 - 20 November 2022

  • Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

Creation in relations / Duets dance improvisation tools

  • Decide – Respond / composition and chemistry tool Do you know how to use your instinct to make clear decisions in dance duets, contact improv, martial arts, business meeting…? We all know that decisions from instinct and intuition are much faster and more precise than decisions coming only from the mind, which we first analyze, calculate the possible outcomes of, and then make actions from. Connect instinct and mind while, at the same time, being aware of the body and emotions that each decision or reaction is bringing up.

  • Time and Expectations of the Mind / A playful dance modality that illustrates how we perceive time in relation to ourselves and especially in relation to others. Our mind has a tendency to jump into the future, trying to predict the ends and beginnings of actions and, consequently, take us out of our present moment. By observing this mechanism in our minds, we can learn to stay in the present time, and with understanding and using the “Time” tool, we can learn to make clear actions in the present time and be creative and playful at the same time.

  • Leading & Following / Why is it sometimes happening that, when you think you are leading, nobody follows you? The purpose of this simple modality is to show how we can lead people and groups without words, and not predominantly from the mind. How to take leadership? Where is this awareness inside of you? Is it in your mind, lower center, emotions … where is it?

  • Mirroring / It’s a playful modality of deepening the relationship with another person on the physical and emotional levels by Leading and Following. How to lead and be precise, and how fast or slow you can lead before you lose connection with each other?

  • How to be in the opposite with your partner and at the same time in synergy?

  • "Take and Integrate" to upgrade the quality of your own movement possibilities and personal expression

  • How to be clear about your intention when communicating with another?

17-18 December 2022

  • Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

Clear communication in in-depth relations / Contact improvisation tools

Contact Improvisation does not start with physical contact with another person, but starts long before, with breathing and full contact / awareness of yourself, body, mind, and emotions, recognizing your needs and fears... warming up, letting go, awakening the centers, energy and the flow ... then the movement, improvisation, and dance appear. I’m interested in the intensity of presence, in real involvement in what we can create right now. For me, only now communication and dance are possible with another person and the group through contact improvisation. By activating our ability to listen and read the other, coming in and out of contact, and giving clear support and creative impulses, we can develop pure dance within the shared dance.

We will work on different simple contact improvisation tools and use them in dance:

Trust & opening the senses, Into my water (elemental water), Brushing & Sculptor (elemental wind), Shared balance dancing, 3 centers, Rolling, Switching between centers and using arms for transitions, Pushing and moving through space / Tree & Leaf, Going Down & Up, Using animal power and power of the floor, Sliding, Sliding & pendulum weight, Giving & Taking weight in a safe way, Invitation and acceptance, Reading – Following – Adjusting, Flying playground ...

18 - 19 February 2023

  • Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

Your Facilitation = Certification

You lead your workshop or a session or a class or a...

Your growth in confidence will enable you to effortlessly guide a session that transmits a total embodiment of your authentic self and the topics you facilitate.

  • We will look at how you hold the space, energy, presence, structure & flow of your sessions

  • We will look at language, at how you communicate when facilitating, and examine if this can be developed in a more simple and concrete way

  • You will be inspired and supported by how other participants facilitate and get honest feedback on your facilitation

  • Gain more hands-on experience in an effective well-rounded class, session, or workshop that is in sync with the abilities of your students / clients and the natural cycle of existence

You will also learn a step-by-step process to turn your gifts and experience into a thriving practice & business (offline & online)

To get certified you need to complete all 4 workshops and be part of the Dance Alchemy Teacher Training - Online program.

You'll receive a Ficho Institute "Dance Alchemy Teacher" certificate upon successfully completing Workshop 4.

About your Coach

I’m Goran Bogdanovski, Holistic Dance Teacher, Transformational & Embodied Leadership Coach, Choreographer, Dancer... and founder of Ficho Institute.

I have lived and breathed dance professionally since 1990 in the field of performing arts (classical ballet, contemporary dance, physical theatre, videos, and film). For over 10 years I was dancing for the Slovene National Ballet Company, from corps de ballet to principal roles and at the same time parallelly enjoyed a rich and versatile career as a freelance artist that brought me to work with many contemporary choreographers and theatre directors from the Slovenian and European art scene.

In 2000 I started practicing improvisation & Freedom - embodied Lifestyle. I had my own dance company, choreographed performances, and toured extensively around the world. I ran dance studios, academy, festivals, platforms, and networks.

In 2006 I started teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Methods I use are an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered through my life in the field of Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Yoga, Martial arts, Embodiment, Spirituality, Shamanism, Therapy, Personal growth, Team building, Business strategy, and Leadership.

I’ve devoted my life to bring embodiment, dance, improvisation, creation, empowerment, and healing, helping people to become that 2.0 version of themselves.

In fact, through teaching, mentoring, and coaching for the past 16 years in 23 countries, working with more than 3000 people, from non-professional movement lovers, professional dancers, people with disabilities, dance & yoga teachers, martial artists, therapists, psychologists, coaches, professors, managers, heart entrepreneurs, CEO's, change leaders…

I’ve discovered what functions clearly for any-body regardless of dance background, experience, or level of understanding of dance, and created a Ficho method with more than 100 exercises, games, and Dance Alchemy tools that can also be transferred to daily situations, relations, and work.

Tools that can also be used for creation, classes, workshops, sessions, retreats, therapy, coaching, leadership, personal growth, and more.

Ficho method and Dance Alchemy tools work so well, it makes it easy for anyone to learn, implement, replicate or upgrade for their own needs or the needs of their clients and students. And can also be used in the creation, classes, workshops, sessions, retreats, therapy, coaching, leadership, personal growth, ... and especially for living a Freedom- embodied Lifestyle.

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For the past 16 years, we had the opportunity to make a positive impact on society by providing embodied knowledge, tools, and strategies for personal, professional, and social transformation in 23 different countries and online

Festivals, Theatres, Dance companies, Dance & Yoga studios…

Bali Spirit Festival (indonesia), ImpulsTanz Vienna (austria), Ultima vez -Brussels (belgium), Tokyo Contact Impro Festival (japan), TanzWerkstat Europa - Munich (germany), K3 Tanzplan - Hamburg (germany), CCDC Cairo Contemporary Dance Center - (egypt), Dancentrum Istanbul (turkey), ArchiTanz Tokyo (japan), Mercat des Flores Barcelona (spain), Dance Theatre Ljubljana (slovenia), Gdansk Dance Festival (poland), Station Belgrade (serbia), Tanzelarija Sarajevo (bosnia and hercegovina), Terpsihora - Šempeter pri Novi gorici (slo), Theatre Improvisation school ligue - ŠILA (slovenia), Dance meeting Durres (albania), Silesian Dance Festival Bytom (poland), Green Street Studios Boston (usa), No borders project - Tenerife (spain) & Bali (Indonesia), Fičo Dance Journey (slovenia, croatia, indonesia), nunART Barcelona (spain), Movement kitchen Ho Chi Minh (vietnam), Paradiso Ubud Bali (indonesia), Buen Festival Borneo (indonesia), Radiantly Alive Bali (indonesia), Art Factory Lodz (poland) … etc.

Academies, Universities, High schools, Primary schools …

Faculty of Education at University of Ljubljana (slovenia), SEAD - Salzurg Academy of Experimental Dance (austria), Gurdjieff Institute Tbilisi (georgia), Ochanomizu University - Tokyo (japan), Asian Conference on Interdisciplinary Research - Bali (indonesia), Art Research Institute / Ilia State University -Tbilsi (georgia), Dance Academy Conference - Odessa (ukraine), Cambridge latin school - Boston (usa), High school for contemporary dance - Ljubljana (slovenia), Ramsauer gymnasium - Linz (austria), Hamerlingschule - Linz (austria), High school Šolski center Nova Gorica (slovenia), High school Srednja vzgojiteljska šola - Jesenice (slovenia), High school Srednja vzgojiteljska šola - Ljubljana (slovenia), High school Druga gimnazija Maribor (slovenia), Primary school Sevnica (slovenia), Primary school Kostanjevica na Krki (slovenia), Youth center’s in Ljubljana, Maribor & Trbovlje (slo), Primary school Malaka - Lombok (indonesia), … etc.

Corporations …

Slovenian Football Association, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning Slovenia, Centre for treatment of drug addicts, Kaerntner Industrie Villach, Steirische Wirtshaftsfoerderung Graz, Ericsson, Our Space, Lek (Sandoz), Avon Slovenia, Imelda Ogilvy, Svilanit Svila., Football club Domžale , Vibacom, TNT events, Ti povej!, CEED Slovenia Unicef … etc.

+ manny happy individual clients that progressed personally and professionally in coaching with Goran