Discover the formula to show up as a magnetic, radiant leader.

Mind and body in harmony. Tapped into intuition, trusting yourself, rooted in your truth.

Communicating powerfully with authenticity who you are and what you want.

Can you see yourself being too much in the mind and frequently off-balance?

Re-connect with your body to experience complete awareness and plug into your deep potential to be more mindful and balanced

Want to break free from emotional & physical exhaustion?

Raise your energy levels with core activation and breathing techniques for 15 min. daily to flow through life & work with ease

Not inspired doing your “yoga” thing anymore, because you miss freedom, creativity, and fun?

Unleash your body wisdom, kinesthetic and emotional intelligence with simple holistic movement tools to develop a conscious, creative, intuitive, joyful, and confident self

Want to show up as a magnetic, radiant leader?

Engage full body capacity with magnetic leadership tools to be effective under pressure and lead in the midst of instability, ambiguity, and complexity with clarity and inner peace

When Magnetic Leader shows up, you can feel the whole person, their mind and body are inextricably linked, and their energy radiates. You see a conscious, intuitive, creative, and confident self that communicates powerfully with authenticity who they really are and what they want. And you feel trust, clarity, and inner peace.

Can you imagine how things will change for you and your organization if you show up like this consistently?

We all know that 70-93% of communication is nonverbal, and here I’m not talking about body language and gestures, it goes far beyond that… into emotional and kinaesthetic intelligence, energy, instinct, intuition,… and it’s about the embodiment of all of it, to be more convincing, to achieve more with less energy, and to consciously lead with ease, even in most stressed and improvised situations.

My coaching brings the body forward as an advocate in creating a place for change and transformation. It’s about learning to lead at a deeper, more fundamental level, working through the body and simple movement tools to reach deeper levels of self-awareness and developing the capacity to be the magnetic - radiant leader you want to be, and achieving what you are committed to achieving.

What people are saying about working with Goran?

Body work with Goran Bogdanovski is most amazing leadership learning experience I ever had. Looking back at the progress I made in last three years since starting the Ficho improvisation dance trainings, here are some awesome tweaks that made my life as a manager easier and more efficient.

I made huge progress on stuff that brought me free time and energy boost in return.

How to be clear around what I want, how to engage others to follow with ease, how to enter the space and radiate who I am.

And the super bonus for this disruption prone times - I am more resilient, I am quicker at renewing my capacity to act at my will even in the moments of intense outside pressure.

Profoundly grateful..”

Svetlana Šaljič; co-owner & CTO at SETCCE / Slovenia

Goran has developed a particular dance practice that allows us to swiftly switch from our mind back to our body.

Returning us to the very place where we can again feel our needs, our full embodied and connection to ourselves.

Only from this position we can experience a purified self-reflection, dance our different roles, observe the use of our power, our reactions in relationships, set boundaries, express ourselves much more effortlessly.

A stronger self-awareness arises within ourselves which helps us understand both our private and business lives much better. It strengthens our ability to make the necessary changes, which in turn improves the quality of our life.

I am very happy that our paths have crossed."

Simona Hana Boc; Managing director and owner at Založba CHIARA / Slovenia

As I have scientific/engineering education and somehow rational mindset, which are serving me well in my line of work, it is many times challenging to connect my emotions and insights during the daily grind of work and family.

I think everybody kind of knows that the mind and the body are not separate entities in a person. But what I did not understand was the depth of their interconnection. It is immense.

I have worked with Goran online and in person on a 3 week retreat. Little I knew where I had signed when I participated into his retreat, basically without any dance background thinking that it could expand my ever declining movement vocabulary caused by knowledge work induced constant sitting.

As expected the freedom and awareness of movement did increase but the scale of it was beyond my dreams.

Not to mention strengthened connection to my emotions or the increased space of my consciousness.

And the best part is that the "tools" shared by Goran are applicable on daily basis.

Samuli Räsänen; senior R&D manager at Umicore Finland Oy / Finland

“Amazing journey, from ice to love soul transformation!

And I’ve got new professional tools for upgrading my leadership and received knowledge for better self awareness and higher emotional intelligence.

Anyone who deals with people should experience it.

Saša Starovojtov;

co-owner of PortaOne, Inc., art director, aikido teacher… / Slovenia - Canada

“ I came to liberate my emotions, to move and dance and to find new ways to express myself.

Goran is a nice guy and excellent teacher. He have a lot of knowledge and a lot of insight, he is much more then just a holistic dance teacher and executive coach and it’s going way into a spiritual and deeper into the matter of leadership.

Strongly recommending to everyone!”

Vlado Vukadin; CEO at IRGO / Slovenia

"Liberating and amazing experience!

Goran has this knack of really connecting the essence of people and making you comfortable with getting in touch with really knowing yourself and not being afraid of it, enjoying it and enjoying the process.”

Paul Vratusha, investor & CEO at Atelier ltd. / Brasil - UK - Slovenia

Opportunities for business owners and leaders:

Personalized One-on-One Coaching to meet your specific needs & goals

An intimate creative partnership in your life, including regular Zoom calls and sessions, recording video tutorials, and unlimited support via messaging & email. Optional in-person intensive immersion days.

All One-to-one coaching fees are individually customised.

One-on-One Coaching Immersion VIP Day

In-person coaching and one-day deep-dive into your liberation, creative expression, and embodied leadership with follow-up support calls via Zoom.

Slovenia or Bali, other locations and 2 or 3 day package also available.

One-on-One Coaching Immersion Retreat

3-5 day in-person coaching and mentoring, in a retreat location away from your usual life.

Includes additional coaching support calls via Zoom, pre & post retreat.

Worldwide locations, including Slovenia & Bali

Group Coaching Immersion Retreat

3 - 5 day in-person group coaching and mentoring, in a retreat location away from your usual life.

Includes additional coaching support calls via Zoom, pre & post retreat.

Slovenia or Bali. We can also organize a retreat at your location if you have a group.

*Retreats schedule and investment packages will be defined when the venue is determined, which depends on the demand of the group and the possibilities to travel.

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Ultimate Magnetic Leadership Coaching

An intimate 12-month program, available to only two individuals at a time.

Includes full mentorship, training, and coaching to become a world-class embodied and radiant leader.

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You know your Mind… I know the Body Wisdom

Listen, I have lived and breathed dance professionally since 1990. I was also dancing for the Slovenian National Ballet, I had my own dance company, choreographed performances, toured around the world, and received many prestigious awards. I ran dance studios, academy, festivals, platforms, and networks.

And last 15 years as a transformational & embodiment coaching with more than 3000 people in 23 countries and online… from adults who never danced before to professional dancers, dance - yoga or meditation teachers, martial artists, therapists, psychologists, coaches, entrepreneurs, managers, CEO's, change leaders…

I focus lately on helping executives like you… break free of what’s holding them back to courageously step into their body and power as the magnetic, embodied, and conscious leader they are meant to be

And why I am different from any other coach?

Unique methods I use are an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered through my life in the field of Dance, Improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Martial arts, Yoga, Spirituality, Shamanism, Therapy, Personal growth, Team building, and Leadership

If you want to show up as Magnetic Leader…

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Every choice you have made,

every step you have taken,

every experience you have called to yourself,

has prepared for and led you right here.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Something deep within you yearns for

what you are about to find.


The life that resonates to the core of your being

and satiates you on a cellular level.

The one you were born to live.

The body that aligns with your mind and spirit.

The lifestyle that embodies creativity,

freedom and abundance.

The health that sustains you with energy, vitality and joy.

The tribe that knows and recognizes you as their own.