Radiant Intimacy

Reignite your initial love flame 🔥 while juggling family life

Rediscover the joy of togetherness & emotional intimacy ❤️

Are you struggling to find the time and energy to connect with your partner on a deeper and more intimate level?

Do you worry that if you continue like this, you'll end up as two strangers living in the same house? 

Once the children grow up and leave you with more time to yourself, will you have anything left as a couple?

We've created something incredibly personal and dear to us that we've never done before, to support you in moving together toward a shared Vision beyond traditional milestones of marriage and parenthood. 


Many times, our friends come to us seeking support for the emotional challenges they face in their intimate relationships. They share their thoughts and feelings with us, such as: 

" Our days all feel the same. We wake up, go to work, cook and eat, take care of the kids, and then we're too exhausted to do anything else but watch Netflix in bed. We don't have any time or energy for ourselves anymore."

" I can't even have a simple conversation with him. He's always too busy and dismisses me too quickly. I feel like we're not connected and he doesn't hear, see, or understand me."

" She is nagging a lot and is emotionally too intense for me. She talks too much, why can't she simply tell me in one sentence what she wants or what is the problem here?"

" I'm on the brink of burnout and utterly exhausted. As I was cooking and preparing for a client's Zoom meeting, my grandmother called and began lecturing me about raising the kids. Amidst this chaos, he passed by and grabbed my ass... I feel like everybody seeks my attention... I'm losing myself completely."

" I feel like I'm providing everything, and the burden is all on me. After a long day at work, I just want a quiet and sexy evening, but it seems like she's never in the mood."

" I long for the intimacy of cuddling and playful affection, but I feel like he jumps to erogenous zones too quickly and rushes towards the climax."

" I worry that if we continue like this, we'll end up as two strangers living in the same house."


Creating a space where we can dive deep into these challenges and offer step-by-step embodiment experiences has been a dream of ours for a while now. We have so much knowledge and experience to share, gained over 12 years of living, working, traveling, and raising a blended family together.

We're not here to act as therapists or psychoanalysts but rather to offer a fresh and unconventional approach to problem-solving for couples. We come from a place of humility, sharing a container filled with gratitude and love. Our exercises and methods are down-to-earth, playful, and embodied, making it easy for anyone to implement in their own relationship.

We know what it's like to juggle family life while trying to reignite that initial spark of love and rediscover the joy of togetherness and emotional intimacy. That's why we're excited to share our knowledge and experiences with anyone who is ready to dive in and explore the transformative power of embodiment practices in their own relationship.



We could relate to a lot of these issues because we have them too. As a couple who are both creative souls, we are fortunate to have plenty of opportunities to work together and explore our passions. Our love for each other is strengthened by the time we dedicate to developing new ways to communicate and ritualize our intimate moments together.

We both have a background in dancing and improvisation, which has given us a unique understanding of how to listen to our bodies, stay present in the moment, and let our creativity flow. Through these practices, we have developed a deep sense of kinesthetic and emotional intelligence, and can even sense each other's energy without saying a word.

We have explored so many different techniques to enhance our connection: from the flowing movements of dance, the peaceful stillness of meditation and breathwork, the transformative power of shamanic journeys, the spontaneous creativity of contact improvisation, and the deep exploration of archetypal studies. Each one has given us new tools to deepen our understanding of one another and push beyond any mundane struggles that might come our way.

But what's truly special is how we've taken all these practices and turned them into something uniquely our own. We approach our intimacy with a sense of playfulness and simplicity that feels authentic and true. It's not always easy, but we know that our commitment to each other and to our shared journey is what makes it all worthwhile.




Taking intentional time weekly for just the two of you is crucial and can have a transformative impact on your relationship.

By creating a space where you can nurture and cultivate spontaneity, celebrations, and rituals together, you can keep your relationship more alive, playful, fun, joyful, and passionate.

Through the process of reconnecting with your body and each other, you'll find that you'll become stronger side by side, and you can move from a state of disconnection to integration. We believe in the power of simple things like laughing together, touching, hugging, playing, and dancing, which can create a healthier relationship and cultivate patience, acceptance, and forgiveness.



The Radiant Intimacy offers online embodiment coaching and in-person retreats for couples through somatic practices, playful movement explorations, dance, and archetypes. 

We aim to provide every couple with a strong foundation that nurtures and cultivates spontaneity, intentional relating and shared rituals. 

Our mission is to empower long-term partnerships, so you feel energized and strong side by side together. We believe that couples can confront any challenge with confidence and resilience by fostering a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Our program provides structure, time, and tools for strengthening emotional closeness, even amidst managing work, family, and other commitments.

Whether you are a couple in a long-term relationship with or without kids, an empty nester, or a mindful couple, this program equips you with the essential tools to rediscover the passion and delight of togetherness.

Embark on a 12-week journey with our step-by-step experiential guide to the landscape of your relationship. 



Radiant Intimacy is the perfect program for long-term couples with children and a dynamic family structure who are ready to fully engage in embodied experiences together. Our comprehensive curriculum guides you from basic to advanced concepts through a variety of playful physical exercises, lectures, and embodied explorations.

Discover hidden archetypal partnership dynamics and gain clarity on your shared core values. Through touch that goes beyond traditional sexual labels, you can rekindle your emotional intimacy and build greater trust and awareness with your partner.

Join our program for an all-in-one guide to reignite your joy of togetherness. With weekly Online Zoom sessions and a private Facebook group, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with others, ask questions, and receive individual support.


Live Online Mentorship

Personalized 1 on 1 Coaching with Sandra & Goran providing tailored support to meet your unique needs and goals.

Jump into Zoom sessions to receive personalized 1:1 support and an immersive embodied experience. 

Book 2 hours for live experiential Coaching sessions & book at least 1 slot weekly for your sacred time and space with your partner.

To ensure a personalized experience, we accept only one couple at a time.

If you are interested and would like to be considered, please APPLY for a connection call

During this call, we will assess your needs and determine if the program is a good fit for you. If we both agree that it is, we will create a custom pricing plan that meets your needs.


From Exhausted to Energized: Reconnect with your Body and find your Core with Integrated Breathwork

Discover how you can quickly unlock vitality with a series of powerful physical exercises that are specifically designed to help you activate your core energy using the art of breathwork. These exercises will allow you to move your body freely, express your energy, and tap into the present moment, releasing any self-judgment and moving with presence in the here and now. With these simple yet effective exercises, you can transform your well-being and experience a renewed sense of vitality and mental clarity. To ensure that this practice becomes a weekly habit, we will incorporate a short 10-minute sequence into every weekly meeting.

The gift of your Presence: How to show up for your partner

Take your relationship to the next level by learning how to connect with your partner in a compassionate and fully present way through the power of silence with easy-to-follow instructions. By practicing active listening and understanding what is alive in the moment, you'll be able to deepen your connection with your loved one and create a more meaningful relationship.

Bridging the communication gap: Understanding different needs & Winning Together by Gamifying your fights

Through a dynamic blend of lectures, exercises, and embodied explorations, you'll learn how to honestly express your struggles, fears, desires, and expectations with your partner in a safe and supportive space. You'll also practice being straightforward and clear in your communication while gaining new insights into how the masculine and feminine brain works. And with the fun and engaging process of gamification, you'll even discover new ways to approach conflicts and challenges with ease.

The hidden forces of partnership: Using Archetypal Myths to understand your dynamic

Discover the power of Greek mythology to improve your partnership. Learn about your hidden archetypal partnership dynamics through lectures, conversations, and a quiz. Gain insight into your inner motivations and desires by exploring the myths of Greek gods and goddesses, and uncover what's happening on an unconscious level between you and your partner.

The Power of Acceptance: Moving Beyond Limiting 'Should be's' and Embracing 'What Is'

This week, we will delve into our beliefs and engage in group discussions about our varied experiences and expectations relating to our ancestral heritage and parenting. Using role-playing and guided meditation exercises, we will explore ways to overcome the traditional provider and rescuer roles that may have been inherited from previous generations.

Alignment in action: Moving together toward a shared Vision beyond traditional milestones of marriage and parenthood

Gain crystal clear on your shared core values, activities, and lifestyle as a couple. Through this, create a shared vision that extends beyond your roles as parents, including your ideal partnership and future goals.

From Mind to Body: Moving beyond expectations into embodied wisdom

You will learn to use your body to achieve relaxation, intuition, and a deeper connection with a partner. The techniques include softening the spine to facilitate relaxed movement, following the body's intuition to tap into one's own energy flow and that of one's partner, and establishing non-verbal boundaries through body messages. This embodied practice also emphasizes the importance of intimacy, proximity, and closeness in relationships and encourages letting go of mental control to sink deeper into the body. It also aims to break the belief that a woman's body is fragile and teaches how to safely give and take all the body weight. Overall, you'll use the body to invite and accept a deeper level of connection with yourself and your partner.

Balancing energies: Understanding divine feminine and masculine in relationship

You'll dive into the world of archetypes and uncover the primary feminine archetypes (virgin, mother, queen, wild woman, wise woman, healer, and femme fatale) and masculine archetypes (fool, king, knight, don Juan, lover, magician, and warrior). Through lectures and the use of simple movement exercises, you'll discover how to connect and align yourself with these powerful energies, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the people around you. In addition, we'll provide separate women's and men's circles to offer a supportive and safe space for personal exploration and group discussion. 

Intimate Play: How to increase erotic innuendo and create more space for sexuality

You will delve into the world of contact dance to enrich your opportunities for playful seduction. Additionally, we will explore a variety of games and mirroring techniques that will allow you to practice being seen in our naked vulnerability. 

Beyond the Climax: The power of relaxed sensual curiosity in your relationship

This embodied practice invites you to explore touch beyond traditional sexual labels and to develop greater trust, awareness, and intimacy with yourself and your partner. It includes kundalini awakening exercises that aim to awaken the dormant energy at the base of the spine, leading to a deeper sense of awareness and vitality. You'll also learn basic relaxing massage techniques that can be used for pampering and cuddling your partner. We will create sensual surprises to arouse all the senses and promote a deeper level of connection between the two of you. 


Sandra Anais (42) and Goran Bogdanovski (52) have been navigating the complexities of life together for the past 12 years. Their journey has been full of joy, passion, and playfulness, but also with a lot of emotional turbulence. As parents of three children, their family has undergone deep transitional and transformative processes of divorce, custody proceedings, burnout, changing homes, and grieving. Despite these challenges, they have managed to navigate their complex family constellation with compassion and love.

Goran and Sandra believe in the power of a shared vision that goes beyond raising kids together and marriage. They have faced emotional challenges such as guilt, jealousy, and morality after leaving their ex-partners to be together. They understand the difficulties of letting go, blending families, and building a new life as a couple. 

Their life is divided between Bali and Slovenia, and they travel frequently due to the nature of their work.

As a couple, they share the mission to bring people closer to themselves and realign their bodies, mind, and emotions. They understand that transformation is a process that requires patience, courage, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. 

Their motto, "If we break it, we fix it," is a testament to their commitment to each other and their family.

Sandra is a certified Archetype Consultant by the CMED Institute, a traditional Balinese massage therapist, and a dancer. 

Her expertise lies in helping people clarify their inner dialogue through archetype embodiment and finding symbolic meaning in their life experiences. Sandra is passionate about using imagination, symbolic systems, metaphors, and myths to support her clients in achieving their goals. 

She believes that dance and movement are powerful tools for self-expression and personal growth, and finds it truly inspiring to work with individuals through these mediums.

With Sandra's guidance, you can explore your inner world and discover new ways to connect with the world and others.

Goran is an Embodiment & Transformational Coach, Holistic Dance Teacher, and founder of Ficho Institute. 

In the 90' he was a professional dancer at the Slovenian National Ballet Company as well he enjoyed a rich career as a freelance contemporary artist in the European dance scene.

In 2000 he started practicing improvisation & Freedom - embodied Lifestyle. He had his own dance company and toured extensively around the world. He also ran venues, an academy, festivals, platforms, and networks.

In 2006 he started teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Methods he uses are an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered through his life in the fields of Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Yoga, Martial arts, Embodiment, Spirituality, Shamanism, Therapy, Personal Growth, and Leadership.

He devoted his life to embodiment, dance, improvisation, creation, empowerment, and healing, helping people become that 2.0 version of themselves.

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To ensure a personalized experience, we accept only one couple at a time.

If you are interested and would like to be considered, please APPLY for a connection call

During this call, we will assess your needs and determine if the program is a good fit for you. If we both agree that it is, we will create a custom pricing plan that meets your needs.