short cuts

Short Cuts was a festival in collaboration with NOMAD Dance Academy. Is an international contemporary dance staging of ideas of thirteen travelling choreographers and dancers from six South-Slavic, or so-called Balkan countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Bulgaria), as well as other countries (Latvia, France, U.S.A, Israel, Swiss, Germany ... ), who had been living, travelling and creating in the framework of the NOMAD Dance Academy for a 4 months.

Every fourteen days, the participants moved to another country, to another city (Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Kanjiža, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ptuj and Ljubljana) offering them artistic residencies including workshops, lectures, encounters with local and international artists and theorists, as well as spaces for their personal artistic explorations.

In a short period of time in Ljubljana, the Nomads created – with the help of artistic advisers and

local technicians – a series of short stories, situations and events (5-20 minutes), which were

performed at different locations. The lighting, sound, set design and video for Short Cuts were co-created by young Slovene technicians attending stage-technical workshop.