Ficho Ballet

FICHO Ballet is an NGO and an artist led company founded in 2000. Through dance performances we are enabling people to experience dance art in a new way.

Our mission is to create. Transforming the mundane through art, we offer an experience to our collaborators and audiences.

Our artistic work reflects the physical, emotional and mental landscape of everyday life. Condemning mediocrity, we strive to achieve the high creative standards we have set for ourselves.

Since 2000 we collaborated with over 250 artists and organisations, produced and performed dance in 26 countries worldwide. We have been awarded with some slovenian and international awards.

We are open for collaborations and choreography and we can create a costum event for you.

Venues that presented our artistic work

  • Aerowaves - The Place Theatre - London (uk

  • Junge hunde festival - The Single-Antwerp (b)

  • Junge hunde festival - Copenhagen (dk)

  • Taganka Theater - Moscow (ru)

  • Puskhin Theatre - Moscow (ru)

  • Judson Church - New York (usa)

  • DTW- Dance Theatre Workshop - New York (usa)

  • Boston Cyberarts Festival - Boston (usa)

  • Cinars, Studio 303 - Montreal (ca)

  • Staatstheater - Hannover (d)

  • Hebbel Theater - Berlin (d)

  • Ponec Theatre - Prague (cz)

  • Merlin International Theatre - Budapest (hu)

  • Teatri dello Sport - Milano (it)

  • Dance Forum - Monaco

  • National Theatre – Warsaw (pl)

  • Silesian Dance Festival - Bytom (pl)

  • Other Vision festival - Volgograd (ru)

  • Tanzhafenfestival Linz (a

  • Tanzwerkstatt Europa - Munchen (d)

  • Tanzhaus NRW - Dusseldorf (d)

  • Montenegro National Theatre - Podgorica (mng)

  • Macedonian National Theatre – Skopje (mak)

  • Istrian National Theatre - Pula (cro)

  • Belgrade drama theatre - Belgrade (srb)

  • Int.Theaterfestival Buhnenwerkstatt - Graz (a)

  • Mittelfest - Cividale del Friuli (it)

  • L`Auditorium - Cahor’s (fr)

  • Infant festival - Novi sad (srb)

  • Summer stage - Opatija (cro)

  • Theatre ITD - Zagreb (cro)

  • Festival Dance Meeting – Duress (alb)

  • Dansstationen/Palladium – Malmö (s)

  • Teatro Curvo Samedo – Montemor-o-novo (p)

  • ZVRK! festival - Sarajevo (bih)

  • Lokomotion festival - Skopje (mak)

  • Antistatic Festival - Sofija (bulg)

  • LINZ 09 - Cultural capital of Europe - Linz (at)

  • Rustaveli theatre - Tbilisi (georgia)

  • Performing mix festival - New York (usa)

  • Tokyo Contact Festival (jp)


  • National Theatre Opera and Balet - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Slovenian National Theatre - Maribor (slo)

  • Slovenian National Theatre - Nova gorica (slo)

  • Cankarjev dom - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Stara mestna Elektrarna - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Kino Šiška - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Anton Podbevšek Teater – Novo mesto (slo)

  • Primorski Poletni Festival - Portorož (slo)

  • Theatre Koper (slo)

  • Festival Ana Desetnica - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Festival Trnfest - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Puppet Theatre Ljubljana (slo)

  • Teater Gromki - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Theatre Križanke - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Festival Kamfest - Kamnik (slo)

  • Festival GongFest - Nova Gorica (slo)

  • Festival Rdeči revirji - Hrastnik (slo)

  • Festival Gibanica - Ljubljana (slo)

  • Festival Exodos - Ljubljana (slo)

  • CoFestival - Ljubljana (slo)


Also created costume-made shows for:

  • Slovenian Football Association - NZS

  • Government of the Republic Slovenia

  • Slovenian ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

  • Centre for treatment of drug addicts

  • Svilanit Svila d.o.o.

  • Football club Domžale

  • Ericsson

  • Our Space

  • Lek d.d.

  • Panna d.o.o.

  • Avon Slovenia

  • Imelda Ogilvy

  • Kaerntner Industrie - Villach (A)

  • Unicef

  • Vibacom d.o.o.

  • TNT events

  • Ti povej!

  • Dnevnik - Gazela 2006

  • CEED Slovenia

  • ...

2:0 (2016)

The dance performance 2:0 is a continuation of the legendary 1:0 performance from 2000.

The choreographer puts football boots on the dancers, transforms the stage into a football stadium and plays a dance performance on the thin line between art and populism, dance and sport, classic and modern.

The original ensemble of Ficho Balet (Goran Bogdanovski, Dejan Srhoj, Goran Tatar and Damjan Mohorko) came together again after 16 years, decided to perform a dance, football and personal introspection and check how supple their bodies still are and if they are, after all this time, still capable of an appropriate dance-football attack.

Goran Bogdanovski 2:0 footballet
  • Coach: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Selection: Dejan Srhoj, Goran Tatar, Damjan Mohorko, Goran Bogdanovski

  • Strategist: Slobodan Maksimović

  • Expert: Rok Vevar

  • Technical team: David Cvelbar, Borut Čelik, Kino Šiška

  • Production: Fičo Balet

  • Coproduction: Kino Šiška, NOMAD Dance Academy Slovenija, CoFestival

Supported by: City of Ljubljana and CoTeaching program line of the project DANCE ON PASS ON DREAM ON, co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union

Special thanks: Tomaž Klemenčič, Dare Radulovič and ND Ilirija 1911, Miša Zupančič, Boris Mikšič and Studio Mi, Irena Pivka, Sandra Anais, IGRA I2R d.o.o. and Šport Ljubljana

"If the performance 1:0 from 2000 integrates classic football with ballet, performance 2:0 in 2016 integrates kitsch and banality of everyday with political … Performance 2:0 in their consideration of today also starts a fun contemporary dance adventure and brings relief, freshness of humor and ingenuity to the stage of contemporary dance, that in today's world and art hammered new goal, but also remind that the goal is only a small part of a much significant entire background. “

Nika Arhar; MMC RTV Slo 28.11.2016

“The original cast of four dancers in a 2: 0, of course, is no longer so agile - some belly has grown and some skill shriveled. This is a performance that is not a simple reconstruction of dance movements, but a comic-melancholic processing, which tends to be self ironic that also gently remembers and gains. It is not so much about to rescue the dance stereotypes of femininity, but has now also become a bit more harsh in terms of exposure ridiculously low "prices" of precarious Player-Dancers.

”Pia Brezavšek; Dnevnik 30.11.2016

"The show does not have to be depressed, to be serious. It can be easy, fun, relaxed, you can have only one simple thought, but nevertheless tells a lot. I'm glad I got it today. In addition, during performance even for a minute did not smile melted from my face.”

Visitor of the performance; 25.11.2016

Presence (2014)

Presence is happening. It is also an exhibition, concert, video, dance and theatre, improvisation and games, dinner, entertainment, Jam session ...If you're not here, you are not present!

Happening is a performance, event or situation and it is considered an art, usually in a field of Performing Arts. Happening is an event with multi-disciplinary, non-linear narrative and the active participation of the audience. Key elements of happening are planned, but artists and participants retain space for improvisation. This aspect of happening eliminates the boundaries between the artwork and its viewers.

  • Host: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Exhibition: Iva Tratnik

  • Video dance and poetry: Sandra Anais and Ursa Štrukelj

  • Dance: Inti Šraj, Manca Dorrer, Katja Kordiš, Tina Koščak, Tea Vidmar, Priya Balan, Manca Kaliman, Janes Moličnik, Jakob Ogrin, Saso Rutar ...

  • Live music: Boris Magdalenc (hang, didgeredoo ...)

  • Live music: Positive illusion / Tea Vidmar (vocals and dance), Peter Ciuha (color kaviature), Vid Polončič Ruperčič (flute, guitar ...), Le Jaguar Auxgriffes d'Or (the horn, flute, guitar, drums ...)

  • Chef of the kitchen: Cristian Herrera/ Assistant chef: Katja Jenčič

  • Props: Maja Modrijan / Technical assistance: Anze Kreč

  • Photo: Tomaž Šporn, Bojan Novak, Sandra Anais

  • Video: Bojan Novak

  • Video Music: Bojan Novak & Luka Ropret (2014)

A dance show with a hint of drama. The title is seeking the balance between the move of a ballet dancer and the move of a disabled person. Regardless of whether a person is a flawless ballet dancer or a disabled person, each move requires effort. Through our expression, our love of aesthetics and our wish for acceptance in society, we are all enhancing the move.

Goran Bogdanovski
Goran Bogdanovski
  • Choreography: Goran Bogdanovski, Andrej Novotny, Klemen Pirman

  • Director: Boris Cavazza

  • Scenario: Dušan Čater

  • Music: Damir Avdić

  • Singer: Maja Jakovljevič

  • Dancers: Tjaša Urbanc, Ines Golobič, Ana Razboršek, Lea B. Urankar, Mojca Škrbec, Aida Demiri, Barbara Šamperl, Helena Razpotnik, Maja Jakovljevič, Sonja Kerin Krek, Romana Kmetič, Antonija Novotny, Metka Beguš, Gabrijela Mede, Izabela Katarina Kravanja, Filip Viljušić, Uroš Škaper, Aleš Škaper

  • Costumes: Tina Kolenik

  • Light design: Andrej Petrovčič

Supported by Društvo invalidov Slovenije, Fundacija za financiranje invalidskih in humanitarnih organizacij v RS, CUK Kino Šiška, ŠOU v Ljubljani, Bunker, Ljubljana

Parados (2013)

Parodos – the entrance of an ancient urban chorus on stage. What is so important that the audience have to see, hear and experience it? Goran Bogdanovski

Parodos is created and performed by “natural - non professional” dancers which in daily life play roles of student, journalist, softwear designer, teacher, actor, real estate broker...

Parados was performed by participants of Ficho trainings.

Goran Bogdanovski Parados
  • Creative process and choreography: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Created and performed: Manca Dorrer, Miha Pribošič, Tea Vidmar, Janes Moličnik, Manca Kaliman, Samo Židan, Jakob Tomše, Tina Koščak, Sašo Rutar, Katja Kordiš, Priya Balan

  • Creative process Assistant: Leja Jurišič

  • Lighting and set design: Igor Remeta in Goran Bogdanovski

  • Costume design: Maja Modrijan and Smetumet Cultural and Ecological Society

  • Sound design and music selection: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Video: Maša Nonković

  • Photo: Peter Uhan

  • Graphic design: Rok Klemenčič

  • Public relations: Jedrt Jež Furlan

  • Technical director: Igor Remeta

  • Technical crew: Andrej Petrovčič, Duško Puščica, Tomaž Žnidarčič

Production: Fičo Balet In cooperation with: Bunker Ljubljana

Supported by: Fičo Balet members, City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture Slovenia

Special thanks: Rok Vevar, Mojca Jug, Janja Buzečan, Dušan Grimšič, Klemen Košir, Maria Maridaki - Čalić, Sandra Anais

"The show itself is fantastic, a highly complex composite and nevertheless carries a clear message: That we can do everything what we started together, if we put enough (all) of our energy into the group, in our mutual relations, mutual feelings, respect, love. " P. C.

"In performance I was fascinated by the expressiveness of movement - with a few words much was said. I found out how the words are often redundant in communication. I did not quite "understand" the performance, but I felt and experienced it intensively. " T. P.

"There are many direction. Only one is common - here and now ... and with Parodos the show has reached this moment. The beauty of bodies in motion, it pours ... " J. B

FichoDROM (2012-2014)

FichDROM is a platform for experimentation in dance, music and visuals, opening up the space to various exhibitions, performances, installations, projections and artistic practices, which we still have no name for.

With FichoDROM's we celebrated solstices and equinoxes.

Square (2011)

Based on The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other by Peter Handke.

»All the happening is taking place at a square. A town square or a ''square'' in our inner selves. People are walking through the square, and that is all. There is nothing behind it, no higher purpose. The square represents "point zero", where one individual becomes clearer through another. The square is the place where we can find out and see everything or rather notice nothing at all.«

Square was performed by participants of Ficho trainings.

Goran Bogdanovski Parados
  • Creative process and choreography: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Creation and performance: Manca Dorrer, Petra Guček Tomšič, Julija Magajna, Maja Kavzar, Janja Buzečan, Anja Keber, Manca Kaliman, Maria Maridaki - Čalić, Iva Tratnik, Tina Koščak, Gaja Madžarevič, Miha Tomšič, Miha Pribošič, Miha Jensterle, Samo Židan and Sašo Rutar

  • Choreography assistant: Leja Jurišič

  • Sound and music: Brane Zorman

  • Set design: Irena Pivka

  • Graphic design: Tanja Radež

  • Photographer: Sunčan Stone and Iztok Ameršek

  • Video: Maša Nonković

  • Cook: Klemen Košir

  • Technical crew: Andrej Petrovčič, Duško Puščica, Tomaž Žnidarčič

Production: Fičo Balet co-production: Bunker Ljubljana, Zveza kulturnih društev Ptuj

Supported by: City Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture Slovenia and members of Fičo Balet

premiere: 29. April 2011, Ljubljana

John (2008) - John The Other (2011)

John is a solo dance performance about JOHN.

It was a 4 year long creative process between Goran Bogdanovski and theatre director Tomi Janežič, that opens new spaces between dance, theatre and life. Creative methods we used were build upon acting techniques of Michael Chekhov.

Goran Bogdanovski John the Other
  • Creation and performance: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Creation process and directing: Tomi Janežič

  • Music and sound: Tomaž Grom, Bojana Šaljič

  • Video: Maša Nonković

  • Light design: Igor Remeta

  • Photo cover: Dorijan Kolundžija

  • Photo: Marcandrea Bragalini

Co-production: Fičo Balet, Studio for research on art of acting & Bunker Ljubljana

Project is made possible by: New Dance Alliance Inc.(New York), MOSKVA Ballet Co.(Moscow), Theatre Glej (Ljubljana), O Espaco do Tempo (Portugal) and Ministry for Culture Slovenia, City Ljubljana

"Bogdanovski makes you scream out loud from anger, cry from joy and blush from love. All at the same time. Delicious!"

Pisteffo, host of the Antwerp based radioshow "Klokkespijs", June 2008

The "Fičo Ballet" from Slovenia was represented by the universal genius Goran Bogdanovski, who is the originator, creator, choreographer and performer of the solo show John. Undressed to his white panties, John smacked like a vampire, gasped and smiled to the auditorium, shifting from one foot to the other. And since the hero wore glasses, we could experience the presented figure as an intellectual in search of himself …

Maja Krilova, ИЮНЯ, Moscow, 6 June 2008

Let me note that even in this fairly respected field there are people who work sincerely to find new ways in the art of movement plasticity, in order to respond adequately to the challenges of contemporaneity. And they do so with the love for man – not degrading him to the most base instincts but, on the contrary, trying to ennoble him and help him attain the not-so-simple wisdom: How to respect one's own self and, as a consequence, one's own surrounding at that.

Elena Antonova, Zavtra, Moscow, 18 Jun 2008

In this spatially-framed choreography, Bogdanovski is dressed only in white panties. He focuses on movement details while performing lookalike combinations – such as the skilfully-executed sequence of "giving-and-taking" with the emphasis on his hands, for example – with regard to stereotypes about communicativeness, or restraint, of a particular space. In doing so, Bogdanovski does not strengthen cultural stereotypes but, rather, shatters them – also by showing a number of Johns from various parts of the world not as portraits, i.e. linearly, but with swift transformations and even mutual overlaps; in the moment when it seems that we have recognised a cultural setting, he dissolves it by means of quick movement and atmospheric twists assisted by Grom's sound interventions, and transports us into another, different globalised ambience. Thus "spiritualised Hindu Janez" could as well be a citizen of London, Ivan could live in New York, and American John lives temporarily in Ljubljana, perhaps. In this short, 20-minute solo composed of interesting and original movement details, Goran Bogdanovski has presented – after a long time – his dance and movement qualities and humour, which marked especially his early projects.

Mojca Kumerdej, Delo, Ljubljana, 22 May 2008

Charming group suicide (2010)

Charming group suicide is a humorous way of touching novel of the Finnish Arto Paasilinna, envisioned as the multitudes look at a series of questions about identities, art, personality and physical limits of individual and shared ideas and ways of being together - how to create a community. The research process and performance is in fact a documentary portrait of the community participants of Fičo training, their joint work and ways to extend the workshops and affecting their home and work environments.

Charming group suicide was performed by participants of Ficho trainings.

Goran Bogdanovski Charming group suicide
  • Creative process & choreography: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Created & performed by: Miljana Sgerm, Bernarda Nemec, Beti Krajner, Katja Kordiš, Katja Vravnik, Katja Goluh, Simona Jerala, Maja Isaković, Maja Kavzar, Tina Mikulič, Julija Magajna, Katarina Jenšterle, Mojca Volf, Janja Buzečan, Anja Keber, Jana Frank, Sandra Đorem, Sašo Rutar, Miha Pribošič, Janes Moličnik, Jaka Sotler

  • Choreography assitant: Leja Jurišić

  • Video: Maša Nonkovič

  • Dramaturgy: Rok Vevar

  • Photo: Sunčan Stone in Peter Uhan

  • Music: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Graphic design: Tanja Radež

  • Cook: Klemen Košir

production: Fičo Balet

supported by: Bunker, Elektro Ljubljana, City Ljubljana and Ministry of culture Slovenia

premiere: 25., 26. in 27. maj / 4. and 5. june 2010; Stara mestna elektrarna

Sun City (2006)

Sun City is a space between the everyday life and dance. An intimate dance spectacle and a full length dance performance for seven dancers. One of starting points for reflection was positive utopia "The City of the Sun" by 16-century Dominican theologian, philosopher and poet Tommaso Campanella. Part of the most eclectic and uplifting music is performed live by Michael Wadada / Suns of Arqa (UK).

Goran Bogdanovski Sun City
  • Choreography: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Dance: Magdalena Raiter, Dejan Srhoj, Jurij Konjar, Teja Reba, Željko Božič, Kristina Aleksova, Sebastjan Starič

  • Music: Suns of Arqa, Gayan Uttejak Orchestra, Borut Bernik Live sitar: Wadada Sound: Torul

  • Dramaturgic Advice: Tomi Janežič

  • Set Design: Irena Pivka

  • Costume Design: Bjanka Adžić Ursulov

  • Light Design: Miran Šušteršič

  • Photo: Peter Uhan

  • Graphic Design: Tanja Radež

Production: APT – Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Fičo Balet Co-production: O Espaco do Tempo, Bunker production

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Slovenia, City Ljubljana, City Novo mesto, British Council, Krka d.d.; Kapelica Gallery

Pre- premiere: 20. 10. 2006 - O Espaco do Tempo, Montemor-o-novo (p)

Premiere: 26. 1. 2007 – Anton Podbevšek Teater, Novo mesto (slo)

“Sun City is a movement spectacle of fluid energy, of falls and rises, equilibrium challenges and flowing emotions; it is both utopia and reality, an illustrated story of individual revelations within a collective body … ”

Večer (daily) ,Daliborka Podboj, February 2nd 2007

“In fact, Sun City is a true "spectacle" with occasional flashings of lights and esoteric electronic music partly performed by the gaily-dressed Michael Wadada seated on an elevated platform, while the dancers in white costumes under him move and transform the image in the sand spread on the floor.”

Ana Perne, Polet, 30 January 2007

“Bogdanovski projected his aspirations into seven dancers of various dance backgrounds; thus, the prevailing contemporary dance movement has been combined with classical, hip-hop and Indian dance elements. The choreographer took on a demanding task of hulling the essence from different styles while not allowing it to get distorted in mutual combinations, and of upgrading individual elements of movement with a structure surpassing the convention of absolute dance. The result is a collage of movement sequences uniting and dispersing individual dancers.”

Alja, Radio Student, 2 February 2007

Confi-dance (2004)

Confi-dance is a dance about sharing secrets, a dance about the consolation and the comfort one finds in a dance.

Goran Bogdanovski Confi-dance
  • choreographed and performed by: Goran Bogdanovski & Dejan Srhoj

  • dramaturgic advice: Sebastjan Horvat

  • music: Peter Penko, Lara Baruca, John Williams, Bily Idoll

  • tehnique: Igor Remeta (Borut Cajnko)

  • space: Irena Pivka

  • costume design: Alan Hranitelj

  • instalation - confi-footwear: Primož Pugelj

  • photo:Peter Uhan

  • graphic design: Martin Bricelj - Codesign

  • producers: Ira Cecič, Mojca Jug

production: Fičo Balet

Poject is made possible by: Tiskarna Ljubljana d.d., Ministry of Culture Slovenija, MOL - Ljubljana City Municipality - Departure for culture, KUD France Prešeren

Special thanks to: Guido Reimitz , Marjan Ciperman, Franc Gazvoda, Tanja Radež, Formatisk, Pan Wolfgang, Jure Srhoij, Bunker

Premiere 1st and 2nd September 2004 in Tiskarna Ljubljana

"The high voltage magic!

Confi-dance is a very skillful portrayal of the mix of genres typifying contemporary dance today. But the true statement of this performance is about creating an incredible space framed in complicity and freedom. Bogdanovski and Srhoj reach deep within while amusing themselves, combining classical, hip hop, contact and modern dance with a touch of derision and light-footed aggression typical of comic twosomes.”

Stéphanie Brody, La Presse MONTREAL, December 7th, 2004

“Goran Bogdanovski and Dejan Srhoj transfer the dance from the non-problematic physical deftness into the register of the essential matters: way of living and way of thinking. Food for though for the bored Slovenian, contemporary dance folklore.”

Deloskop (weekly), Rok Vevar, September 9th 2004

"Performance of enormous variety, imagination and irreverence.”

Tom Lee - Aerowawes on line - LONDON, Sat 29 January 5th, 2005

I Move (2004)

I:move is an interactive video installation & performance series in New York (usa) that explores how we perceive movement.

We are using motion capture, video processing, and live interaction to visualize dynamic patterns over a 24-hour cycle in order to get people to move and play.

  • Choreography and dance: Goran Bogdanovski & Dejan Srhoj

  • Digital effects: Nell Breyer & Jonathan Bachrach

Installation: 3 Febraury - 29 March 2004 / DTW - Dance Theatre Workshop, New York

Performances: 9 March - 13 March 2004 / DTW - Dance Theatre Workshop, New York

:id (2003)

:id is a piece for and about three men, who search to find their identity in a game-like conflict. They try to uncover the conditions that have made them into what they are.

When these identities begin to dance, it becomes clear: Though we are determined by social moral rules and customs, still our basic physical needs and instincts affect us.

Goran Bogdanovski :id
  • Concept: Howard Katz Fireheart

  • Choreography and dance: Goran Bogdanovski, Dejan Srhoj, Howard Katz Fireheart

  • Soundscapes: Ansgar Tappert - Formvollendet

  • Light Design: Miran Šusteršič

  • Costume Design: Marija Mojca Pungerčar

  • Organisational help: Mojca Jug, Ira Cecić

  • Technical director: Igor Remeta

Production: Fičo Balet

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, Ljubljana City Municipality and ADRIA AIRWAYS d.d.

Premiered in Hebbel Theatre - Berlin & Kino Šiška Ljubljana

EMOFAD - Emotivity of Adventure (2003)

The performance is specific in the sense that it bonds the real-time produced soundscapes with movement as most of the soundscapes are created through the very movements of dancers, clad in sonic-wear. Emofad is built of points - adventures - interwoven with improvised and spontaneous situations and constructed in a way that allows intrusions by guest performers.

Goran Bogdanovski Emotivity of adventure
  • Directed and choreographed by: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Conceived and performed by: Dejan Srhoj, Gustavo Barros, Damaas Mitras Thijs in Goran Bogdanovski

  • Guests dancers: Jana Menger, Rosana Hribar in Gregor Luštek (februar 2003); Katarina Venturini in Andrej Škufca (marec, april 2003)

  • Sound and live music: Random Logic in Boris Benko

  • Dramaturgy: Mojca Dimec

  • Light: Miran Šusteršič

  • Set design: Irena Pivka

  • Sonic costume design: Marija Mojca Pungerčar

  • Digital research: Jure Novak

  • Photography: Miha Fras

  • Executive producer: Ira Cecić

Co produced by: Cankarjev Dom in Maska produkcija

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and City Council of Ljubljana - Department for Culture premiere 5th February 2003

“Emofad opens the spaces behind the banal and seemingly random events of everyday life. ”

Slovenske novice (daily), February 13th 2003

“Bogdanovski and his associates have mad a giant leap forward: they have created an audience for themselves. Considering the numbers and enthusiasm of the Wednesday premiere's audience, I can even go as far as to say that he has widened the commonly rather narrow circle of contemporary dance viewers.”

Tamara Langus - Radio Student, February 7th 2003

“In Emotivity of Adventure we face commendable, atractive dance, a series of fun ideas and virtuous accordance of movement and sound sequences in which the histrionic and gesticular rhythm of the team comes to light. At the same time we can see in Bogdanovski's pieces a rare sense of communication, attractiveness, frivolity and humor, with which contemporary dance breaks the barriers of aesthetical hermetism and the eletism of the audiences, thus becoming interesting to more viewers (of all ages).”

Rok Vevar, Delo (daily), February 11th 2003

Bowling (2003)

Bowling is a short video dance movie.

Goran Bogdanovski meet Olivier Simola in Cetinje (Montenegro). They played 1 game of bowling in old hotel, and that recorded and edited video in 2 days.

With participants of A week for dance.

1 - 7 june 2003, Cetinje, Serbia and Montenegro

Organisation - CIE IXKIZIT (Paris)

Against the stream (2002)

Goran Bogdanovski Against the stream

Choreographed & performed by Goran Bogdanovski & Dejan Srhoj

The dance action Against the Stream consists of two parts:

the first a video projection of the dancers discussing their work, successes and failures in tackling bureaucracy, the Kino Šiška hall as a possible solution for the lack of creative space in Ljubljana, contemporary versus classic dance and the finer points of being a dancer and the art of dance.

In part two, they face Gustav Mahler's 5th symphony no.5 in C sharp minor. Adagietto. Molto lento.

First showing 9th November 2002 - Kino Šiška

Summer breeze (2002)

Goran Bogdanovski invited a number of perfomers and artists to come to Ljubljana, to join Fičo Balet team, along the cooperation of Maska productions and the Mladi Levi festival. Cankarjev dom kindly made available to them the Linhart auditorium and all the necessary equipment to seek and travel into the unknown.

Then and there the project began and was completed in six days of the Mladi Levi festival.

Improvisation as simply a level of exploration, could be called a jam session. As in any good improvised performance, the task and beginning are there - a defined ending, however, is missing. The task is unpredictable, surprises are imminent. Images of passing. Bodies in time, un/used. What commands dance/movement? The idea or the music? The body itself, un/able to keep still? Are what we see stories? Perhaps, but surely they are narratives, invading a raw/deaf/empty/rigid world. Narratives amid music, lights, projections of images and words. This is a space in which the body may well be the only remaining myth. Music/lights/video/projections create space in which the human body appears, owning only itself - and the others, un/accepted, dancing together/apart, lighting/writing it up or not. The hour alive, discovering Antarctica, this is Summer Breeze.

Goran Bogdanovski Summer breeze
  • Author: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Dance: Simon Anxolaberehere / Paris, Gregor Gruden / Ljubljana, Anastasia Hvana / Arnhem, Dušan Murič / Beograd, Sanja Nesković-Peršin / Ljubljana, Carlos Pez / Tenerife / Bruxelles, Anastasia Smirnitskaya / Moscow, Dejan Srhoj / Ljubljana, Goran Tatar / Ljubljana, Goran Bogdanovski / Ljubljana

  • Camera: Nell Breyer / New York Light: Miran Šusteršič / Ljubljana

  • Sound: Gregor Zemljič, Miha Klemenčič (Random Logic), Boris Benko (Silence) / Ljubljana

  • Word: Jure Novak / Ljubljana

Partners: Maska, Bunker, Cankarjev dom, Ministry of Culture Slovenia, City Ljubljana

Premiere 27. 8. 2002 on Mladi levi Festival (Junge hunde)

Švic in Švarc (2001)

Silence is classical, therefore eternally beautiful. And even if it sucks blood, it does it in a beautiful manner. The sound, however, overwhelms the movement so that every muscle is heard, every trickle of sweat is seen and every feeling is smelled - even if that sound is the waving of philosophical discourse. In the end, the taste of the purifying power of salt that remains on sweated-out bodies is bitter, and the drops of clear water, scattered all over the dance scape, are sweet.

Goran Bogdanovski Švic in Švarc
  • Choreography: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Dance: Damjan Mohorko, Dejan Srhoj, Goran Tatar, Gregor Luštek, Goran Bogdanovski

  • Music: Peter Penko

  • Vocal: Boris Benko

  • Sound Design: Gregor Zemljič

  • Dramaturgy: Mojca Dimec

  • Light Design: Miran Šusteršič

  • Stage Design: Irena Pivka

  • Costume Design: Alan Hranitelj

Thanks to dr. Slavoj Žižek; live telephone interview in the the performance

Co-production: Maska, Cankarjev dom in SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana

The production was supported by: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and Ljubljana City Municipality

Premiere 14.6.2001

“Yesterday night in Cankarjev Dom, the Goran Bogdanovski quartet broke through the cultural sound barrier… Superimposing the most noble dance tradition and indicating a refined perception of existence, he created a multi-visual show, accompanied by spontaneous ovation.”

Radio Slovenija, Ljubljana, June 2001, Jasna Skrinjar Taufer

"The Švic in Švarc production is made in such a manner that the movement substance and free invention concurrently create innumerable imaginary spaces filled by the imagination of spectators.”

Dnevnik (daily), Ljubljana, june 2001, Amelia Kraigher

"Graceful, balletic moves are juxtaposed with raw, industrial music to comic but also strangely tribal effect. The trance-inducing noise blasts your senses alongside apoplectic seizures that stick in a loop, finally sucking you back into reality with a sharp slap."

On line review, Aerowaves - The Place Theatre London, February 2002, Rachel Tonkin

1:0 (2000)


1:0 is a dance performance moving on a very slippery ground between populism and Art.

The dancers, versed in both classical ballet and contemporary dance, draw us into the world of their imagination, transforming the stage into a stadium.

Goran Bogdanovski 1:0 footballet
  • Choreography: Goran Bogdanovski

  • Dance: Damjan Mohorko, Dejan Srhoj, Goran Tatar, Goran Bogdanovski (Gregor Luštek, Damaas Mithras Thijs)

  • Music: Peter Penko, Brahms

  • Sound Design: Boris Benko

  • Light Design: Miran Šusteršič

  • Dramaturgy: Mojca Dimec

  • Costume Design: Metod Črešnar in Dada Volk

  • Stage Design: Tomaž Štrucl & Irena Pivka

  • Tehnician: Igor Remeta in Jasmin Sahimpasic

Co-production: Gledališče Glej in SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana

The production was supported by: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia Ljubljana City Municipality - Departure of Culture

Premiere 15.1.2000, Ljubljana

Triton Award 2000 for best best dance performance in Slovenia.

From Nijinsky 's «Jeux» to Bogdanovski's «1:0» : a sport ballet picture history.

Dancing means breaking the rules , sport is fair , dance is not : on the strange liaison between war and dance

Ballet Tanz yearbook 2000: Arnd Wesemann

“This performance breaks all the rules of the classical ballet, especially when in the middle of the performance the ballet shoes are exchanged for football boots. You won't believe it until you see it.” Jutranji list (daily), Neda Galijaš, Zagreb, January 2000

“The one-hour dance performance 1:0 is one of the most humorous dance performances on our national scene so far.

”Delo, Mojca Kumerdej, Ljubljana (daily), January 2000