Dance Alchemy & brunch

Sunday morning community event in Ljubljana

Workshop, ecstatic dance and brunch.

Joyful community event that combines dance and free non-verbal expression with great music, pure communication and delicious food. Children are welcome!

What we experience on the dance floor is what we are becoming as a people. It is why it is so powerful. The connection, love and unity we feel when we surrender to the dance, is a way for us to awaken to who we truly are.

Dance Alchemy & Brunch is a space for creative dance expression open to everyone, regardless of dance knowledge or age.

It’s a community of like-minded people looking to release and gain new energy out of the usual dance context of clubs, trainings, workshops or a home living room. It also offers a sanctuary to those who are looking for their physical expression at stillness.

Dance Alchemy & Brunch
Dance Alchemy & Brunch

Lead by Goran Bogdanovski, Dance Alchemy & Brunch event starts with 60 min. of uplifting and fun warm-up with simple games, a mix of Tai Chi and Qi gong, dynamic Yoga and some dance improvisation tools.

It is followed by 90 minutes of open dance floor with bright and deep music without a genre from all over the world which will lead you to a transformative journey. 

After that you will be lifted and grounded by Lucas Rubenich L. Nascimento with his healing live music from Amazon rainforest.

For finishing the alchemy we have a brunch where our cook will pamper us with his flavoured food. 

Dance Alchemy & Brunch
Dance Alchemy & Brunch

What people say about Dance Alchemy & Brunch events?

Dance Alchemy is simply what I was looking for. The moment when I can surrender. When the fear of the unknown no longer exists. When exterior mirrors become internal. When you feel the love that crosses the room. Gratitude for being able to share and receive what is given to me. Soon again. 

Sara Vuckovic

It was wonderful! Total flow, super warm up and energy integration of the group, a great selection of music, freedom, lightness, high vibration of participants' energies! And for the angelic voice of Lucas singing, the sound of guitars, tibetan bowls ... Heaven! And a delicious brunch at the end! Too bad this doesn't happen every week! Thank you!!! 🤗💖👏

Rosanda Maria Mesko

At dance alchemy are you and there is a group, there is music and there is silence. In the end what remains is a shell with a content that can not be deleted, because it is written by the letters of your truth.


This is exactly what I needed: hanging out on a Sunday morning in movements, to have a variety of great music and food after that. And so I can indulge myself. I let go. I let things flow, dissolve and drain. Thank you all!


That was a pure surprise. A combination of breathing, relaxing, stretching, excellent musical choices, in which you are completely left without structure, without rules. The flow of energy was incredible. An unspoken sense of lightness and tranquility accompanied me all day long and the next one as well.


Dance Alchemy is a place where you can carelessly and playfully explore the movement, the sounds in music, the processes in the body, the stimuli that move you, alone or in interaction with other people, and observe the flow that flows through you and other people.


Great! After the event, however, I realized that I was impressed by the fact that they were children besides - because of them I did not feel the boundaries that I usually perceive in societies composed only of adults.


I went to the event with no expectations. Dancing as it is presented at dance courses was never close to me. Right at the beginning I realized that it suited me a lot, I was excited, I thought it would be great if there was a chance to have such an event once a week. I will definitely come again next time


The event contains exactly these things that fill me - the movement, the great music, the beautiful people, curious children, and finally the relaxed chat with a simple but good food. Dance Alchemy is pure and sincere movement without any ballast. Great family friendly trip once a month:))


The dance was a special experience; what I liked the most was that we started with exercises and breathing, because I transferred this rhythm to a free dance and experienced completely new dimensions. The dynamics of the group was a great, relaxed and very positive atmosphere. I’m coming next time too!


It was great, such a tribal meeting with no small talk, every family member was accepted, you could take something for yourself, being in your own way intertwined with others. Thank you, can't wait for the next one!


In my life, I started to miss spontaneity, ease. Interspersed with everyday molds, a difficult health story from the past and being distant from myself, I somehow accidentally found my way to you, where through dance I began to reconnect with my content. Ease followed, as did creativity. I can't wait for the next session:)


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Dance Alchemy & Brunch
Dance Alchemy & Brunch

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