Each workshop begins with one hour of Ficho training, a synthesis of games and exercises designed to raise your body energy and mindfulness, breathing exercises and qi activation, dynamic warm-up, and yoga meditation to prepare for a holistic work with body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

Followed by work on Dance Alchemy tools - understanding, research, embodiment, and integration. 


*open for everybody and Dance Alchemy Teacher Training participants

Expresses yourself freely through movement and dance / Solo dance improvisation tools 

Creation in relations / Duets dance improvisation tools

Clear communication in in-depth relations / Contact improvisation tools

You lead your workshop or a session or a class or a... 

* Ficho Institute "Dance Alchemy Teacher" certificate 

For dates please check this website later on or send an e-mail.

Video trailer from past Teacher Trainings in Slovenia

14-DAY RETREATS / Dance Alchemy Teacher Training

*open for everybody and Dance Alchemy Teacher Training participants

FICHO TRAINING / weekly practice

*open for everybody

Join Ficho training in Ljubljana or Ubud-Bali, in a safe, inclusive, inspiring, fun, intelligent, and holistic environment with the founder of Ficho Institute Goran Bogdanovski.

It's a study of dance improvisation & contact improvisation tools, body-mind-spirit practice, and dance therapy, which encourages participants to express authenticity, advance personal and professional growth, increase kinesthetic and emotional intelligence, creativity, performance, confidence, and self-awareness. 

The Ficho method & Dance Alchemy tools, based on contemporary methodologies and ancient wisdom is being used for personal, professional, and social transformation. It's been developed and tested since 2006 with more than 3000 people in 23 countries.

Dance Alchemy & Brunch

Dance Alchemy & Brunch

Transformative community events, ecstatic dance with pre-workshop and brunch:) 

Embodiment program for couples

Increase playfulness and intimacy, regain deeper relations.